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14 October 2009

What's for dinner tonight? [More:]

I'm eating what probably several million people around the world will be eating tonight - chicken and rice.

How about you?

Yes, I realise it's still only lunchtime for the majority of you. Tell me what's for lunch, if you prefer.
Make that several million and three, as I'm cooking chicken and rice for two here. With baaaaaaacon.
posted by altolinguistic 14 October | 11:54
Well, funny that you should mention chicken and rice, because if I get my way, I am going to get either the husband or the kid to drive to my favorite Indian spot and get takeaway chicken tikka masala. Which I will consume while watching the last two episodes of season four of the Wire.
posted by msali 14 October | 12:00
Bacon sandwiches for lunch. Leftover broccoli cheese soup for dinner.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 12:01
I haven't even had breakfast yet. Dinner is gonna be leftover spaghetti and garlic bread.
posted by deborah 14 October | 12:11
I just made vegetarian vegetable soup for the teens/kids in the program I run. I'll probably take some home for dinner... lunch seems to be a yogurt and popcorn.
posted by Stewriffic 14 October | 12:16
Steak and Egg, most likely.
posted by eamondaly 14 October | 12:17
I'd like to think about dinner, but it's fucking snowing here.
posted by DarkForest 14 October | 12:17
Your recipe of cabbage and sausage yum!
posted by Specklet 14 October | 12:23
artisanal bread, roasted sweet potatoes with cippolini. Guy gets home tomorrow and I will make roasted regular potatoes with crimini and porcini, to be served with salad. We got lots of potatoes in the CSA this weekend.
posted by crush-onastick 14 October | 12:36
Homemade marinara (one benefit of a sick day: time to make homemade stuff) and whole grain fusilli!
posted by mdonley 14 October | 12:50
Cincinnati Chili for dinner, probably.
posted by JanetLand 14 October | 12:53
Yellow curry that I made last night for lunch, and takeout pad thai with the college girl friends for dinner.
posted by rmless2 14 October | 13:01
Crockpot leftovers - chicken thighs, carrots, potatoes, red onions, wild rice, and mixed beans (kidneys, pintos, black beans). I say leftovers, but that kind of thing really only hits its stride on the second day anyway.
posted by Wolfdog 14 October | 13:15
Leftover "wild" mushroom soup, green salad and crusty bread. After the wife has gotten out of school she has been on a serious cooking kick. Yay me!
posted by AwkwardPause 14 October | 13:21
Lunch is coffee with milk, a slice of toasted challah, and an apple.

Dinner will probably be a baked potato, some broccoli, and a chunk of cheddar.

Not a lot of cooking going on around here lately.
posted by Elsa 14 October | 13:35
Elsa, your lunch sounds perfect to me.
posted by crush-onastick 14 October | 13:37
Ha, and I was thinking I might crash AwkwardPause's home, to share their perfect dinner!
posted by Elsa 14 October | 13:38
Tonight we'll be repurposing leftover red sauce to make homemade eggplant lasagna. We've got hella leftovers to finish up. But soon -- SOON -- I will be making the potato pancakes Joe Beese linked below and dumping sauteed veggies all over the top.
posted by middleclasstool 14 October | 13:55
We are on the third day of our roast chicken, so that means it's soup day! Standard soup with some lentils, orzo, carrots (never celery, oh how I hate celery) and chicken. Spiced up with lots of ginger, sweet chili sauce and a glob of peanut butter.
posted by gaspode 14 October | 14:06
The plan: Chicken quesadilla (leftover chicken bits and cheese thrown in a tortilla), refried mayacoba beans (from a Goya can, this is "got home late eating" afterall), and maduros.

We'll see if I get home from work early enough. If not, I might eat bbq ribs, mac and cheese and potato salad for the third night in a row since that just requires minimal nuking for the first two items.
posted by kkokkodalk 14 October | 15:09
Chicken and something green. Depends what looks good veggie wise.
posted by doctor_negative 14 October | 15:48
I didn't eat lunch today at work (and have been on my feet since 1130, ugh) so dinner tonight will likely be a salad, apple, and maybe some pizza before dance class, with spaghetti and meatballs afterwards.

Fuck it, I'm leaving early.
posted by sperose 14 October | 15:49
Fish sticks! Got a craving for them today. Probably haven't had them since childhood.
posted by amro 14 October | 15:57
I was out and in a hurry, so I wanted to get a Ginsters pasty at the newsagent.

However, they only had Walls, so I had to settle for a Walls Steak Slice instead. Which is slightly worse than the Ginsters.
posted by TheophileEscargot 14 October | 16:18
I lied. I WANTED chicken tikka masala, but in the end I made broccoli pasta. It smells mighty fine.
posted by msali 14 October | 17:06
Lentil soup.
posted by birdie 14 October | 17:15
Off to have dinner with my parents. Heading north of Toronto to Markham for some Chinese! Hungry.
posted by typewriter 14 October | 17:47
I've got marinara to use up. So pasta. Maybe I'll make up a salad to go with it.
posted by kodama 14 October | 19:27
Update on dinner with the parents:

We had crispy fried tofu, marinated sprouts, pepper steak, some kind of cold-ailing soup with chinese almonds, carrots and pork, chicken stir-fried with baby bok-choy and a steamed fish in soya sauce and ginger. And rice of course! For dessert, I had silken tofu, my father had black sesame soup (?) and my mother had red-bean soup.

I'm stuffed.
posted by typewriter 14 October | 20:50
I am still hungry and I don't think I have any food in the house.
posted by amro 14 October | 20:58
I have apples getting soft. Maybe I will make some crisp, want some?
posted by typewriter 14 October | 21:02
We had spaghetti
posted by Doohickie 14 October | 21:26
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 October | 21:37
Just back from the markets with fresh turmeric and galangal, so I guess Tom Yum soup (or a variant) is it for tonight.

If anyone spots a small yellowish/red mushroom cloud in the suburbs of Sydney tonight, I probably overdid the spices. Again.
posted by ninazer0 14 October | 22:19
chicken, broccoli, and a boxed noodle side dish. Nothing fancy.
The chicken was good, though, if a bit trashy. Mix equal amounts mayo and parmesan cheese, and spread over chicken breasts. Top with crushed cheez-it crackers and bake. My roommate's stepmom cooks it like that, he always thought it was some fancy to-do, and when he finally got the recipie from her we both sort of went bug eyed over it. "cheez-its? are you kidding me?? huh."
posted by kellydamnit 14 October | 22:24
Leftover lamb biryani. It was yummy.
posted by occhiblu 14 October | 23:52
Three of us supervisors took out a departing employee to dinner at a Japanese small-plates restaurant.

We had several plates of assorted sushi, tuna rolls, an unagi roll, a shiso hamachi roll, marinated matsutaki mushrooms, kurabota pork katsu, an unbelievably delicious pork belly melt-in-your-mouth thing (which we immediately ordered several more plates of), pumpkin fried rice (served in a hollowed out squash), chu-toro nigiri, hotategai (scallops), a salmon roll, several masus of Otokayama, several Sapporos, and, since that wasn't enough, some mango and tempura ice cream.

We were determined to make him miss us.
posted by Gorgik 15 October | 01:26
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