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14 October 2009

If you use a toolbelt for anything: Do you leave the tools in it between tasks, or unpack it every time?
I have never worn a toolbelt or spent time around anyone who did, but I never pictured anyone unloading it at the end of the day. Instead I imagine they hang it up, fully loaded, ready to go at a moment's notice. I can't wait to hear the definitive answer.
posted by DarkForest 14 October | 08:13

What Would Batman Do?
posted by gomichild 14 October | 08:13
Some years ago I was working as a roofer. At the end of the day I'd make sure I had all my own tools back in my belt and then it would get hung up, ready for the next day.

The belt would have all the basic items that one would use for just about any job. The belt is your kit, like batman, yes. No need to separate and put the parts away each day when your just gonna use it again the next day.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 October | 09:14
Yeah, part of the point is to have it ready to go at a moment's notice, the way a building super might. And professionals who work on site in a fixed capacity will always need the same set of tools, so it will just be hung up in the truck or wherever.

I do more varied jobs around the property here, so I have a toolbelt but I load it with what I tend to need. Beyond the capacity of the toolbelt, I use a small leather kit I have, or a 5 gallon drum.
posted by dhartung 14 October | 09:22
My brother has a little bag/belt thing that I refer to as his purse. (Purses are a long running joke, going back to the junkyard, heh.) He keeps it loaded with most of the goodies he would need: bits, pencils/markers, box cutter, measuring things, gloves, and various little wee tools like the shark bite things he used to fix the busted pipes in my house. This purse sits on the passenger seat of his truck, with a flashlight and cordless drill on the floor, with a pair of beater gloves.
It never is unpacked, only filled with new things when switching types of jobs.

My dad has been known to use a former cat litter bucket to load up with tools when having to go off somewhere and fix something.
posted by sperose 14 October | 10:12
I make my living hauling tools around a big ass factory, which often will include a laptop computer these days. I used to use a regular electricians tool pouch on a belt (never wore the damn thing, just hauled it around slung over a shoulder), but pretty quickly went to a satchel type thing. The tools stay in it 'cause you want it ready when you have a job to go on. When I'm doing bench work, I have a roll around tool cabinet that's got everything I need in it. About the only thing I grab out of my tool bag would be my awesome crimpers.
posted by eekacat 14 October | 10:12
The mister leaves the tools in his.
posted by deborah 14 October | 12:14
One thing I wish I'd do is have a place for everything and everything in its place. I've lost so many tools because I don't. (But maybe they're actually around ....)
posted by dhartung 14 October | 14:32
In my industrial electrician days, I had about 30 pounds of tools in my belt. No way I was unpacking that every day. I also had a backpack with a copy of every schematic and blueprint I could get my hands on.
posted by Ardiril 15 October | 03:59
I leave mine in the belt, but they tend to change over time, depending on what's going on. Currently:
Claw hammer
Combination square
Carpenter's pencil
Small cold chisel
Stubby 3/4" wood chisel
Multi-purpose pliers
Needle-nose pliers
Phillips screwdriver
Flat blade screwdriver (small)
Flat blade screwdriver (medium)
Tape measure
Various driver and drill bits
Several different types of screw (in pockets)
I think there's other stuff in there but can't remember.
posted by dg 15 October | 08:09
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