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09 October 2009

What's The Best Thing Another Mefite Or MeChatter Did For You?
posted by Eideteker 09 October | 12:23
I can't pick just one. Mefites are generally awesome folk.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 09 October | 12:25
Man, you called that sex? You breathe heavy into the phone, and I wait 15 seconds before I hang up? That's sex? I want my $3.99/min back.
posted by not_on_display 09 October | 12:26
Like my tramp stamp says, "NO REFUNDS."
posted by Eideteker 09 October | 12:42
Eideteker nailed it. As it were.
posted by rainbaby 09 October | 12:45
I feel so left out.
posted by The Whelk 09 October | 12:52
1-900-MECHA-69, Whelk. $3.99/min... just don't ask for Eideteker. Forewarned is forearmed.

Seriously, the best thing any MeFite did for me? She "like-liked" me back.

The second best thing any -- or all -- MeFites did for me was that the whole community provided me with new windows on the world via laughter, cool links, and (mostly) thoughtful comments. It was what I'd been looking for in the internet and in a community since I was a kid.
posted by not_on_display 09 October | 13:06
Eideteker gave me a t-shirt, cold chef gave me a syringe, jessamyn made me a mix tape, but I think the best thing was cortex and exogenous and others giving me the opportunity to perform guitar and ukulele in public in front of strangers for the first time. That was a huge gift.
posted by mrmoonpie 09 October | 13:18
Saved me from extreme boredom.
posted by Melismata 09 October | 13:53
posted by essexjan 09 October | 13:53
So many of you have done such awesome things for me. Gave me extreme emotional support. Was/is a really good friend. Gave me some money when I was really freaking broke, out of the blue. Married me.
posted by Specklet 09 October | 14:36
Many mefites and mechatters have done various cool, neat, considerate, and amazing things for me over the years, but the Above and Beyond Call of Duty Award will always go to DaShiv -- who volunteered to help me move in the middle of a heat wave, then drove for over an hour each way to do so, and not only did he never once complain about hauling my bed and dining set up and down various staircases, he kept my boyfriend and me from fighting, and seemed totally and sincerely surprised that we insisted on taking him out for dinner when the day was over. He's the king of mensches, I'm telling you.
posted by scody 09 October | 14:39
In fact, TWO MeFi/Cha men have married Specklet.
posted by essexjan 09 October | 14:52
Two MeFites/MetaChatters came to my wedding, where they knew no one but me... and I was kinda busy, so I couldn't be attentive to their comfort.

They mixed with the crowd, chatted and danced and celebrated as if they knew everyone in the hall. They wrote us a poem to mark the day; they took photos so we'd remember it. At the end of the party, I saw them all dolled up in their finery, smilingly hauling chairs and folding up tables along with family members.
posted by Elsa 09 October | 14:52
Both communities have been there when I needed it (whether they were aware of it or not). They've provided support, hugs, laughter and made me think.

AND someone sent me a book and another someone sent me a postcard.
posted by deborah 09 October | 15:03
jessamyn gave me a job referral and left out the 'is an asshole' part completely.
posted by danostuporstar 09 October | 15:15
NortonDC and onlyconnect let me be in their wedding. That was pretty great.
posted by mrmoonpie 09 October | 15:45
I feel so left out. posted by The Whelk

What, of being remembered? You're the guy who snuck me into the Conde Nast building!! I will never forget that.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 15:55
Not throwing up in my house, either time.
posted by eamondaly 09 October | 16:08
What, of being remembered? You're the guy who snuck me into the Conde Nast building!! I will never forget that.

The dirty sex jokes in the beginning. Failed attempt at humor fails.

TPS took me to my very first White Castle! That is much more important. I know understand the allure of tiny, greasy sandwiches.
posted by The Whelk 09 October | 16:24
Lots and lots of emotional support. And a promise to be in any future wedding I may ever have because she's just awesome like that.

*hugs/whuffles essexjan*
posted by TrishaLynn 09 October | 16:41
1. A great LTR and New England.
2. Monster friendships with no awkwardness or need to explain myself.
3. a bitchin' tattoo.
4. places to stay, beers to drink, music to listen to, money in my bank account, tons of emotional support.
5. over a thousand favorites since Sept. 2008.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 09 October | 17:12
Nothing specific, but I've made a lot of good friends here.
posted by gaspode 09 October | 17:46
Eamondaly lent me an umbrella, which I forgot to give back to him, and kept me dry just today. (I swear I'll bring it to the next meetup, Eamon, I am not an umbrella-thief).

Misskaz gave me a bike map of Chicago.

Adamdschneider lent me $20 to get into Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind.

I don't even remember who all has bought me beers.

Pjern said "Juliet Banana, someone as famous as me!" which made me blush because I'm not that famous. There's a lot of photos of me out there but none showcase my cavernous festering spider bite.

Cortex crushed my head in a very strong hug, and now I can fit into tiny hats more easily.

Since I've been more active on Mefi I've gotten a bunch of Memail from lots of different people basically just saying I'm awesome, which is really sweet and infates my already dangerously huge ego.

A Mefite whose identity I shall not reveal (it was through Memail and they're kinda lurky) hooked me up with my non-Mefite social group in Chicago; when she heard I was moving here she Facebook-invited me to a bunch of events, I went to them and met a whole host of friends and learned about an underground music scene I wouldn't have known existed otherwise.
posted by Juliet Banana 09 October | 18:02
Many, many MeFites have reached out to me when they needed advice or help with the death of a loved one. And that means the world to me that folks would include me in such a personal and often very private matter. It makes me a better funeral director and gives me a chance to contribute to the betterment of the world, and that makes me very very happy and I thank each of you for the opportunities.
posted by ColdChef 09 October | 18:13
Also: Tons of MeFites have sent presents, toys, postcards and books to my little girls. Their worldview is much, much wider than most rural children their ages.
As I told Juliet Banana the other day: if I die young, I want my children to be raised by the internet.
posted by ColdChef 09 October | 18:14
Oh, and I'm such an asshole for mentioning this last: After Hurricane Katrina, MetaFilter members sent me (unsolicited) a check to pay for the expenses I incurred when 23 of my wife's family members moved into my two bedroom house for five weeks. Without their help, I'd have been sunk.

And after Hurricane Gustav last year, the MeFi online gaming group made an extremely generous donation on my behalf to Red Cross Services of Louisiana. And I'm still moved to tears thinking about it.
posted by ColdChef 09 October | 18:16
What a lovely thread.

In a nutshell I'll just say that I have become a better person because of the people I have met* through Mefi/Mecha.

* - also includes people I have emailed/talked with on the phone.
posted by special-k 09 October | 18:24
I plan to be buried by coldchef. Unless he's being cremated, in which case they can just kinda scatter my ashes near his.
posted by Eideteker 09 October | 18:38
I've found Mefi/Mecha to be places where people 'get' me in a way that they don't in the outside world. Where it's okay to have interests that are not completely mainstream, where it's okay to confess that you absolutely must watch Project Runway or Make Me A Supermodel, where I can be, well, just me without feeling inadequate and failing to meet expectations all the time.

I'd been on Mefi for a few years when George died, and I asked for help over there. I got it in spades, from people I'd never met before. The outpouring of kindness, support, and practical help was utterly overwhelming. From there I learned about this place, where I tend to hang out more these days (apart from answering every question on AskMe, because, well, I know everything. I make sure I delete 99% of my answers before posting).

I've made some wonderful friends here, many of whom I may never meet, but there's a whole lot of you who are real, flesh and blood, dear, wonderful, true friends. I've learned (indeed, I'm still learning) to overcome my social awkwardness by going to meetups, I've attended THREE MeFi weddings, with a fourth to come next spring.

When I'm with you I feel a part of - not apart from - the human race.
posted by essexjan 09 October | 18:46
When I'm with you I feel a part of - not apart from - the human race.

So very, very true for me too.
posted by deborah 09 October | 19:20
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 October | 20:51
You can have his kids, tps, I just want to name the next one.
posted by gaspode 09 October | 20:57
What 'pode and special-k and, well, a bunch of other people said.
posted by box 09 October | 21:28
I agree, sex, but even better, a wonderful dysfunctional friendship that I look forward to every day.
posted by eekacat 09 October | 21:47

You have to give in or she'll curse them and then, well, you know ...

(I'm not saying ThePinkSuperhero is a WITCH. No No No, I'm saying she has POWERS. And you should respect that. Okay?)
posted by The Whelk 09 October | 23:31
I mean "SUPERHERO", duh? Who wouldn't want to grow up with the Justice League?
posted by The Whelk 09 October | 23:32
Specklet and TheDonF having me over for wonderful homecooked Indian food on USAian Thanksgiving last year. Eggface Pete!
posted by brujita 10 October | 03:09
I once sent ColdChef a MeMail about my now-living parents wishes about their remains. That dude rocks on so many levels that it is indescribable.

I got to dance to some punk rock with MGL so hard I almost peed my pants. That lady is so cool and awesome. I also asked her about having teenagers, since my kids are almost teenagers, and she had good advice.

WolfDaddy is welcome at my place whenever.

I had a New Orleans MeFite (doma) buy me a huge shot of tequila at the post meetup New Orleans dive bar get-together. Thanks again, girl. Sorry about our weird friends weirding up the place. We had to go.

posted by lilywing13 10 October | 06:26
A MeFite once saved my life. Yes, literally. I don't know if she knows.

Not quite sex or marriage, but still pretty good.
posted by dg 10 October | 07:49
a longtime lurking mefite paid $5 so she could respond to an anonymous question of mine, and since then we've become great friends. I just wished she lived in my part of the country so I could actually meet her :-)
posted by pinky.p 10 October | 10:17
Awesome Doonesbury Strip Today - Check it Out! || Time to bring out the big dogs. The 7-foot-long, 3-foot-tall one, to be specific.