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07 October 2009

I wonder how long my fly has been down... It's just been one of those days, bunnies. How're you guys?
*checks fly*

Whew! Outside the fact that my badly-needed vacation is still five whole weeks away, I'm good.
posted by Atom Eyes 07 October | 10:49
Once I discovered that I'd forgotten to zip the fly on my overalls after hosting a 5-hour party. And by "once," I mean "last labor day."
posted by stet 07 October | 10:57
90% of my pants have elastic waists with no zippers. Excellent for when the weight comes and goes. And for pulling them down quickly, when necessary.

On the other hand, this morning, after arriving at work of course, I discovered that there's a big hole in my sock; am wearing open-toed dress shoes.

posted by Melismata 07 October | 11:00
I am a sartorial disaster but it doesn't matter as I work from home, on my own, and only the cat can see me.

Not sure this is a healthy place to be, aged 31. Am thinking of applying for jobs.
posted by altolinguistic 07 October | 11:06
I am wearing a striped shirt today that I now see is a little transparent. Luckily I am wearing a striped bra so I sort of match... nope, not good.
posted by rmless2 07 October | 11:23
I didn't know that an important person was coming out here today to start on this huge sorting project (that I was drafted into and told about yesterday) and so I wound up wearing my heaviest sweater today and it's kinda sucky since my next layer down is a non-office-appropriate tank top. (Most days this isn't a problem since it's under my sweater which is under a hoodie. Today it kinda sucks.)
posted by sperose 07 October | 11:33
I, too, had the zipper-down moment this morning. Thankfully it was during a conference call and only one of my colleagues was in the room with me.
posted by Stewriffic 07 October | 11:44
it does help to know that everyone has outfit challenges and tiny disasters like this.

my problem is that all my pants are cropped and fall is here. I would rather be tied to an anthill than buy pants.
posted by pinky.p 07 October | 12:08
A coupla weeks ago, I stopped into the corner store to pick up some milk. The usually chatty cashier greeted me effusively, then clammed up and turned his head down to the register to complete my purchase.

On the way home, I discovered that a button on my shirt had sprung open, displaying a decent portion of my rack and my black lace bra.
posted by Elsa 07 October | 12:26
I just stopped wearing pants.
posted by special-k 07 October | 13:23
Am told I look perfectly fine today. Which is awesome. Because I feel fucking miserable and am ready to chew off my own limbs to escape.
posted by crush-onastick 07 October | 14:36
That's ok, next spring, no one will be wearing pants: see?
posted by rmless2 07 October | 14:39
The mister's colonoscopy ran into a wee bit of overtime, but other than that things are peachy.

BUT I have one pair of jeans that the zipper likes to head south frequently. So annoying. On the plus side I tend to wear long-ish shirts.
posted by deborah 07 October | 14:50
Today's clothes selection will do, I think.

Otherwise there's lots I need to get done before my trip but I think it'll all work out.
posted by tangerine 07 October | 15:11
I'm pretty good cause I know what I'm gonna do tomorrow and I'm not in a vortex of snot and despair.
posted by The Whelk 07 October | 19:02
I might be losing weight, because these same cords that the zipper fell down on were also leaving me fearful that someone could pants me, since I kept feeling them slip down my hips. So when I got home from work I tried pantsing myself. Yep.
posted by Stewriffic 07 October | 19:44
I'm wearing white socks with brown pants and black shoes. The previous sentence makes me wince.

It's not like you can SEE the socks or anything, not really
posted by notquitemaryann 07 October | 20:59
I don't generally have zippers but I did wear a pair of striped pants inside out for a good couple of hours and no-one said anything. I only noticed because I happened to notice a bit of thread and oh-gosh-it's-a-seam etc.

At least they weren't back to front as well.

You could always go here for a bit of sartorial schaudenfreude.
posted by ninazer0 08 October | 06:02
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