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06 October 2009

I think I've seen the worst Facebook quiz there is... My 11-year-old niece posted the results of a quiz on her page. The quiz topic? "How much of a rapist target are you?"

[More:]The quiz comes complete with the picture of a devastated looking young girl with her arms wrapped around herself. And my niece's test result? "Very likely to be raped: YEYY.. your gunna get raped :P

What kind of sick fuck wrote that quiz?!
Whaaat? That's nutty. You should click into the application and report it to Facebook.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 October | 20:35
That is wrong on so many levels. I'd definitely report it as Teeps suggested.
posted by deborah 06 October | 20:38
I'm trying to figure out how to report it right now.
posted by Orange Swan 06 October | 20:40
There, I reported it. Hope I'm not sounding like a member of the Moral Majority here, but that shit is just unacceptable.

posted by Orange Swan 06 October | 20:45
That's disgusting.
posted by jason's_planet 06 October | 21:08
Yep, straight up nasty. We big kids gotta patrol the young'uns, who need to be schooled about internet hygiene and ethics.
posted by msali 06 October | 21:31
That's so wrong. Good on you for reporting it, OS.
posted by gaspode 06 October | 21:41
I didn't think about reporting it until I was chatting with my friend Steve and he suggested that I do so. My first response was to try to figure out whether, and how, to approach the issue with my niece and/or her mother. I don't know either of them well. If it were my other young niece, it would be a different matter, because I know my sister-in-law would make her take it down immediately and talk to her about it if she knew. Ergo, it would just be a matter of informing her, because obviously she didn't know.

I am really disturbed by the fact that my niece posted this item with a "Hey, no fare!" comment, and that some young boy in her friends list commented, "Sucker!"
posted by Orange Swan 06 October | 21:57
OMG nasty indeed.
posted by gomichild 06 October | 21:58
Ew! Terrible. Glad you reported it. "YEYY"??! yuck.
posted by rmless2 06 October | 22:21
I am really disturbed by the fact that my niece posted this item with a "Hey, no fare!" comment, and that some young boy in her friends list commented, "Sucker!"

While that does give one pause, remember that when you're that age, you're bulletproof and made out of kryptonite and rape is something that is not real and only happens on TV and the internet. Give her time, she'll likely look back on that and cringe a bit.

When I was her age-ish, I chuckled at portrayals of drunk drivers on TV. Then I turned 16 and an alcoholic ex-cop murdered my friend with his car on homecoming night. Suddenly even Otis the drunk on Andy Griffith lost his charm, once it became real to me.
posted by middleclasstool 06 October | 22:25
Oh yeah, I know she's just a kid and she can't be expected to understand how terrible rape is. I mean, she followed up that quiz with one about "what Halloween character she was going to be" and was quite indignant when the quiz told her she was going to be a princess.
posted by Orange Swan 06 October | 22:44
"your gunna get raped" and other creative spelling/elaborative variations is straight out of 4chan comment memery, to answer the what-kind-of-sick-fuck question.
posted by notquitemaryann 06 October | 22:50
fully agree with MCT.
posted by special-k 06 October | 23:20
What notquitemaryann said. This definitely reeks of /b/-style trollery.

Seriously, it's a meme.
posted by dhartung 06 October | 23:53
I thought that Obama quiz was bad.

Just a guess, but I have a feeling FB is going to start vetting things a lot more thoroughly sometime soon. FB's an advertising engine, and advertisers, for the most part, don't want their messages next to this stuff.
posted by box 07 October | 09:46
Look on the bright side: this might be the thing that finally drives Facebook to get rid of those stupid quizzes altogether.
posted by Atom Eyes 07 October | 10:44
My first response was to try to figure out whether, and how, to approach the issue with my niece and/or her mother.

I wouldn't.

middleclass tool is very correct, as is notquitemaryann.

Reporting it was a good idea.
posted by CitrusFreak12 07 October | 11:05
Agreed with all of the above, and maybe a talk about the stupidity of 4chan might be in order, too.
posted by TrishaLynn 07 October | 11:42
Yeah don't get her mom involved.
posted by Firas 07 October | 19:01
The link isn't on my niece's page anymore, so it looks like the application's been nuked. For all the times I've heard of people getting no joy from Facebook admins, this one time they were right on the job.
posted by Orange Swan 07 October | 21:35
Orange Swan, I think that means she deleted the result manually. If an app is deleted or removed, its postings don't go from your wall, they're not connected. Maybe facebook goes the extra mile on some and nukes all its traces though, like with spam and viruses and this.
posted by Firas 08 October | 02:17
This would be an occasion on which going the extra mile is warranted, I should think.
posted by Orange Swan 08 October | 08:08
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