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28 September 2009

Lets celebrate our girls! NSFW real silicone free boobies grow up and old together. Pink Ribbon campaign from the Netherlands that actually airs on Dutch Telly.
Wow. . .that was really good. . .

It could be shown on premium cable in the US but otherwise, it would cause an uproar.
posted by danf 28 September | 12:04
Cute commercial.

You see nekkid people on the evening news now and again, but I think Canada would pass on showing that ad.
posted by deborah 28 September | 12:21
boobies grow up and old

I'd love to get mine to grow UP as I get old. Mine only want to grow DOWN.
posted by marsha56 28 September | 13:35
That's surprisingly sweet.
posted by dhartung 28 September | 13:54
This one's for the girls (YT)
posted by Halloween Jack 28 September | 14:46
I like it.
posted by Specklet 28 September | 17:17
And on this side of the world, the FCC is still investigating Janet Jackson's nipple.
posted by octothorpe 28 September | 17:44
Why have I not gone to Northern Europe? Why no Netherlands, no Finland, no Sweden, no Holland?

My life is a poor, damp cardboard plate with yesterday's pizza grease drying on it.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 September | 18:34
Hehehe. I posted it precisly because it's, yaknow, actually sweet and non-exploitative despite the rampant nudity. Non-sexy, it just is, and I think a lot of women will like the ad. Also, it's soon pink ribbon week. Lots of breastcancer funding stuff going on all over the world, and this was a different approach (with the mag giving 100% of the profits). We had the first English VO copy on the web, too.
posted by dabitch 29 September | 03:27
....and I hear ya marsha56. Totally.
posted by dabitch 29 September | 03:28
Another bit of trivia: Grey advertised in the local paper for "breasts of all ages and sizes" and a total of 1000 women showed up, quite a few of them were used in the various campaign material (I have no idea how many women are in this ad, I didn't count).
posted by dabitch 29 September | 03:47
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