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27 September 2009

Thanks to some lovely ladies in Australia, I have now tried the Tim Tam Slam.[More:]

And then I died.
This seriously blew my mind. It was so good that I was torn between giving one to every coworker just so they could taste the awesomeness, and not telling anyone about it so I could eat them all to myself.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by rhapsodie 27 September | 21:10
posted by gomichild 27 September | 22:06
My tim tams were all gone before they even went near coffee.
posted by gaspode 27 September | 22:25
My best friend brought me two boxes of Tim Tams when she came back from studying abroad in Australia. They were amaaaaaazing.
posted by unsurprising 27 September | 22:56
I brought four Tim Tams to the office in a little baggie just so I could try a Slam. Then I was called for jury duty and had to keep waiting and waiting and WAITING so I could try them. I'm glad I waited.
posted by rhapsodie 27 September | 23:59
I loves me some timtams.
posted by essexjan 28 September | 08:44
If one more person talks about tim tams and tim tam slams I'm going to cry.
Everyone stop enjoying things that are unavailable for me to enjoy! Right now!
posted by CitrusFreak12 28 September | 10:56
Whatisa timtam? *goes to wikipedia*
Yeah... I don't know about that.
I tried Pocky for the first time yesterday. Can't say I'm hooked.
posted by moonshine 28 September | 11:11
How are these compared with Kit Kats and/or Twix, for those in the know?
posted by dhartung 28 September | 14:01
How are these compared with Kit Kats and/or Twix, for those in the know?

Rather than having many thin layers of wafer a la a kit kat, the tim tam has a biscuit base, with a gooey chocolatey layer on top of that. This is what enables the tim tam slam, because the coffee permeates the biscuit base - giving the straw effect - and also melts (and mixes with, to some extent) the chocolatey layer above it - creating the molten-coffee-chocolate explosion once the whole thing is popped into the mouth.
posted by pompomtom 28 September | 19:40
It sorta sounds like Twix.
posted by Miko 28 September | 21:14
I miss Tim Tams so much. For a hot second, Target was carrying them but I got there too late. I've heard that a sad approximation of a Tim Tam Slam can be done with a variety of the Keebler elf sandwich cookie, but I haven't tried it.

It's not like a Twix, there is no caramel and the cookie layers are sandwiched around a much thinner layer of goo. It's more like a rectangular chocolate covered oreo, but with the white stuff replaced by chocolate stuff. (I should write poetry, I know.)
posted by rmless2 29 September | 11:04
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