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21 September 2009

Paper Heart (spoilers). . . . I usually don't give a rodent's behind about the lives of celebrities, but [More:] I am curious about whether Charyne Yi and Michael Cera actually HAD or HAVE a relationship. A lot has been made out of it, but it's unclear how much is publicity and how much is real.

It's an fun experience, but afterwards, one wonders what one saw. Apparently, it was all planned and structured, even if the scenes were not scripted, so we are seeing something that was written and acted, rather than real life that was going on. The result is that I don't know if I really LIKED the movie, but I had a good time watching, if that makes any sense.
I haven't seen the movie, but just read a few things about it.

On a certain level, all actors who play lovers have a relationship. They don't somehow become other people - the fact is they are doing romancey things with another real live person. I follow that you are curious about whether that relationship continued to evolve apart from what you saw on the screen, and of course I don't know.

It seems like the best couples chemistry in the movies or on stage happens between people who either hate each other, or are really into each other, but have not yet consummated the relationship away from the cameras. Plenty of actors and directors use this knowledge, or superstition, or whatever you want to call it. "For goodness sake don't DO anything - you'll ruin the project!"

This comment is very chatty, but I thought vague would be ok.
posted by rainbaby 21 September | 14:20
They were dating then but it's over now.
i haven't seen the movie.
posted by ethylene 21 September | 14:43
This comment is very chatty, but I thought vague would be ok.

Please note the name of this site. . .and carry on.

posted by danf 21 September | 15:46
At the very least, the screen story is fictionalized (among other things, the "director" is actually played by an actor). The NYT calls it "a scripted romance". So it has more in common with the relationships you see on reality TV than what you see in a true documentary. Maybe they're really good at playing themselves, but what you see isn't real in the sense it's presented as.
posted by dhartung 21 September | 20:38
I never got the sense that this was at all based in reality, just that everyone kind of pretended it was in order to hype it.
posted by unsurprising 21 September | 23:11
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