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19 September 2009

I ate a pawpaw and I liked it.[More:]Here is the exciting story: when I was out for a walk yesterday, I stepped on something green which went splat. I wasn't familiar with anything green that size that went splat in that particular way so I poked around in the splatter a bit and discovered that it smelled nice, but I didn't recognize it. At some point during the day, my brain woke up and said "I wonder if that's what a pawpaw is?" - so I looked it up, and it sure enough was. And then I found another one and ate it. It is a very tasty fruit and I recommend it to you -- if you happen to have a pawpaw handy and have been wondering whether or not to eat it, I would definitely say 'yes', unless you were considering giving it to me to eat instead, which is a still better option.

This concludes today's informative broadcast on the subject of things I have stepped in and subsequently eaten.
Oh, interesting. A pawpaw for me is what you people call a papaya (as noted at the top of the wiki page.) Glad you liked it, Wolfdog!
posted by gaspode 19 September | 07:39
Here's a nice little article.
posted by Wolfdog 19 September | 08:25
Pawpaw and papaya are two totally different fruits for me but both are YUM.
posted by gomichild 19 September | 08:58
I never et one a them, but I would if I had the opportunity.
posted by Specklet 19 September | 09:56
I have never eaten a pawpaw, but I have had pawpaw ice cream! I was at an outdoor "Independant's Day" Festival and a local dairy, Snowville Creamery, was giving away free ice cream. They made pawpaw flavor to celebrate the fact that it's the only fruit native to Ohio.

Also, the ice cream maker was churned by a bicycle, which is possibly the coolest thing ever.
posted by Juliet Banana 19 September | 15:44
All ice cream makers should be turned by bicycle!
posted by gomichild 19 September | 17:48
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