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18 September 2009

How much are you packing? Digital pack rats, I mean.

I'm packing ~615GB. 400GB of music, 200GB of video, the rest split between pictures and texts.
400GB live and about 250 data DVDs.
posted by arse_hat 18 September | 17:17
19GB out of 60GB on my C-drive, and 26GB out of 240GB on my external hard drive. Not a pack rat. Mostly photos stored on the external drive.
posted by essexjan 18 September | 17:26
Not much.
200 gb music
300 gb tv shows and dvds
2 tb data
posted by special-k 18 September | 17:56
A piddling 70GB music and 35GB photos/home video. Perhaps 10-20GB in TV shows.
Untold hundreds of unorganized "backup" CDs and DVDs dating back to '96. Including backups of floppy disks reaching back to '84. The actual floppies still reside in the attic. *shudder*
posted by DarkForest 18 September | 18:33
Don't depress me. I am just about to start on my 3rd 750Gb hard drive, because I have lost too much stuff when drives failed to not backup everything,. So I have two copies of all my files (lots of which are portable videos for long train rides and podcasts from the BBC). Plus the copies of files on two MP3 players and an iPod. I suppose I am the digital equivalent of the sad lady with 50 dogs ...
posted by Susurration 18 September | 18:36
Oh - DarkForest - don't even get me started on the size of my floppy disk (and Iomega Zip disk) archives. I have files going back to Gem Draw (anyone remember Gem?).
posted by Susurration 18 September | 18:37
Heh. At least a copy of all my floppies fit onto a single CDR. I remember a weekend during the 90s when I shuttled hundreds of floppies into a computer that still had a 5 1/4 floppy drive...

I read somewhere that 1 TB drives will be on sale for $50-60 later this year. I'm salivating. or something.
posted by DarkForest 18 September | 18:45
Is 400GB in music files all in FLAC or some other non-lossy format?

I only have about 35GB in music, but it's all lossy formats because my hearing sucks anyway.

Oh, and about 150GB of pron.
posted by mullacc 18 September | 18:57
A terabyte of storage, around 85 percent full--mostly high-bitrate mp3s, mostly a subset of my vinyl/CD collection (maybe ten feet of records, around a thousand CDs). 80GB or less of video (most of which is temporary/rotating, just until either I watch it or the DVDs are released), 20GB of ROMs, maybe 10GB of photos, less than a gig of text.
posted by box 18 September | 19:35
[[ Is 400GB in music files all in FLAC or some other non-lossy format? ]]

I'm a FLAC-hag. (Sure, I can't hear the difference. But I can feel it in my soul.) So I grab lossless wherever I can find it. But I doubt that more than a fifth of the audio tracks are.

It's a bit shy of 162 24-hr. days of listening, if that helps.
posted by Joe Beese 18 September | 20:22
A pittance! Mere crumbs! 4.6 GB of music (.mp3), 3.5 GB of photos, virtually no video.

I don't take photos unless I'm on vacation, really, and I listen to more music using YouTube or other listen-only websites. I don't have an MP3 player, either.
posted by mdonley 19 September | 06:06
Family Reunion || Bunny! OMG!