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11 September 2009

Damn, I missed this. I want these shoes, and can't find them in my Mens size 11.5 size. Sigh.
those are nifty! Zappos has AC/DC and Metallica, but no Who. Some on ebay, but mainly smaller sizes.
posted by pinky.p 11 September | 13:27
They are indeed quite nifty pinky.p. You obviously have discerning taste. They're especially appropriate for someone like me who has worn Chuck Taylors for 40 of his 45 years on this planet, as well as being a fan of The Who. (Currently wearing my leopard print ones, but sadly they aren't the glow in the dark version I had at one time.)
posted by eekacat 11 September | 13:41
I just searched Zappos and they have exactly three Chuck Taylors in my size (solid green, brown and red), all low-tops.

Scary fact: my feet have gotten longer in middle-age, I started out with 13s but now have to buy 14s.
posted by octothorpe 11 September | 13:59
Even in CTs, octothorpe? I normally wear a 12, but I get my low-top black-on-blacks in an 11 because they tend to run a little big.
posted by ufez 11 September | 14:02
Those are awesome.
posted by drezdn 11 September | 14:21
I haven't actually worn Chucks in years but since the reason that my feet are bigger is because my formerly very high arches are getting lower and CTs have no arch support, I don't know if 13s would do it. I'd have to try them on in a brick and mortar store and since I'm allergic to actually shopping, I'll probably never do that.
posted by octothorpe 11 September | 14:27
I don't wear Chucks myself, eekacat (too flat for my weird feet) but I recently bought a black high-top pair for my toddler, and we get compliments on them several times a day.

They make every outfit better!

(plus, I think I could assemble a gun in the dark after the hand-eye practice that getting a pair of high tops on a rubberfooted child has given me)
posted by pinky.p 11 September | 22:36
I've purchased Chucks from these guys for years.

Ever since Converse was bought out by Nike, I haven't seen many available in half sizes. They tend to run large though, since they were originally meant to be worn with heavy athletic socks.

They do indeed have zero arch support, I always put a pair of these in before wearing. Wore mine walking all over London for 4 days last June and they were fine.
posted by JoanArkham 12 September | 09:09
I've not had a problem finding half sizes in mens, JoanArkham. With the ones I posted I'd settle for 11 or 12 too. I did get a pair of the ones with Pete Townsend on them. I'll have to be happy with that.
posted by eekacat 12 September | 13:28
Hmmmm I might have found a pair. We'll see if the order goes through...
posted by eekacat 12 September | 13:49
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