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11 June 2009

Bitching Thread [More:]

Why do all the beverages I really like either have caffeine or alcohol?!

I HATE the effects of caffeine, and if I have too much I get heart palpitations, which are uncomfortable and scary. But I LOVE coffee and a good strong cup of tea.

I don't mind the effects of alcohol, but truly, it's more the taste that appeals to me. I LOVE wine and beer, but wine and beer do NOT love my liver and my depression.

Preach it, sister!
posted by chrismear 11 June | 05:51
Yeah I find the same. Except lucky me is ok with a fair bit of caffeine and I have an awesome liver apparently.

I also really like sparkling mineral water though.
posted by gomichild 11 June | 05:58
Why, although I eat the most healthy food I can, am I unable to lose any weight. Cereal for breakfast, Myoplex shake for lunch, meat or fish for dinner with salad or veg, fruit and yoghurt. What am I doing wrong that my arse remains the size of a Spacehopper?

I'm hoping that starting the Couch to 5K might make a difference and that I'll drop some weight. But in the meantime ...

posted by essexjan 11 June | 05:59
I don't want to go to the dentist.
posted by The Whelk 11 June | 10:49
I made an appointment at the optician, and as it was the first time at this optician, they had to take all my details. "Mrs or Miss?" is a question I really really hate, but I'm too passive to say "isn't there a "Ms" option?". So I'm "Miss". Gah to my passiveness and to pointless and asymmetrical naming traditions.

Would like to drink too much gin, but too much work to do.

More of a whine than a bitch, sorry...
posted by altolinguistic 11 June | 11:11
I love smoking, I freaking love it.

I don't drink more than a glass a wine a month, don't do anything *else* to relax, don't overdrink caffeine, don't do anything ... and ALL I DO IS SMOKE 1/3 - 1/2 a pack and now I HAVE TO FREAKING QUIT and I hate everything.
posted by eatdonuts 11 June | 11:23
oh god i miss smoking

...Sorry, what? My subconscious doesn't believe in capitalization or punctuation.
posted by Elsa 11 June | 11:35
I just saw the price of cigarettes in Boston. No, I won't be smoking ever again.
posted by Ardiril 11 June | 12:10
Today I discoverd Throwback Mountain Dew, made with "natural sugar" instead of the high-fructose nasty. Oh, it is delicious, not as sweet as the other stuff.

I had 10 oz. and now I am stuck in my cube and jumping out of my skin. No caffeine for me! :-(
posted by initapplette 11 June | 14:03
Whelk- I also am dreading dentist time. Have you made an appt yet? Maybe we can make appts for the same day and then whine about it together through bloody gums.

There is a really hot guy in the cafe that I've been eyeing for an hour and his incredibly cute wife and baby just came in and sat down next to him. Dammit, you ruined my daydreaming for the day, pretty wife and adorably baby!
posted by rmless2 11 June | 16:02
I wonder if you should reschedule Whelk, that can't be a good condition to heal in.
posted by eatdonuts 11 June | 18:40
My tooth is already out. But more next week. I need it all done NOW! cause I have so much traveling to to in July and August cause of the book. So the next 2 weeks are all soft foods and pain medication.
posted by The Whelk 11 June | 20:39
aww, stay strong!
posted by rmless2 11 June | 21:35
Off to the lake! || OMG, Foxes!