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08 May 2009

pjern update. not good. please keep in thoughts. pjern's daughter facebook messaged me this morning. She said he had surgery this morning and is apparently in renal failure. She's waiting on more information.
posted by eatdonuts 08 May | 11:30
Whoa. Oh no.
posted by rainbaby 08 May | 11:31
Yah. I don't have any more information. I'll update if she message me again.
posted by Stewriffic 08 May | 11:33
Ah geez, I hope he gets better soon. Hang in there, pjern.
posted by Hugh Janus 08 May | 11:35
Wait, didn't he just have a spider bite? How does that turn into renal failure. Did I miss something?
posted by msali 08 May | 11:40
Oh wow. Sending all my thoughts. Keep up the good fight!
posted by carabiner 08 May | 11:41
Bugger. Hang in there, dude.
posted by gaspode 08 May | 11:43
Oh good Lord, how awful.
posted by essexjan 08 May | 11:44
msali - I think the spider bite caused a serious, untreated infection? That or any number of things could cause failure of kidney functions.
posted by muddgirl 08 May | 11:50

Wait, didn't he just have a spider bite? How does that turn into renal failure. Did I miss something?

Many times people confuse a skin staph infection with a spider bite. Maybe pjern actually did see a spider bite him and maybe that caused an infection. There is a big possibility that he assumed it was a spider bite, but actually had MRSA. If he has a staph infection, and now is in renal failure, I'll assume that he has sepsis.

Acute renal failure can be reversed.

/not a doctor... only speculating...

I wish pjern good health and recovery.
posted by LoriFLA 08 May | 12:04
You're in my thoughts, (((pjern))).

Thanks for the info, Lori. I was wondering the same thing as msali.
posted by deborah 08 May | 12:06
Thanks Lori for the info, what a horrible thing to happen. Pjern and his family are in my thoughts.
posted by msali 08 May | 12:10
Good luck, pjern.
posted by Atom Eyes 08 May | 12:17
Whoa...keep fighting pjern!
posted by richat 08 May | 12:19
pjern, I take back all the mean things I said about you on IRC.
posted by Eideteker 08 May | 12:30
You can fight this pjern!
posted by sperose 08 May | 12:40
Get better, pjern!
posted by mullacc 08 May | 12:45
Get better, pjern, we need you here. This is not the news we wanted to hear. Sending tons and tons of good thoughts your way, and have been thinking about you lots.
posted by Sil 08 May | 13:00
Sending positive thoughts and best wishes.
posted by amyms 08 May | 13:06
Oh man, I'm so shocked to hear this. Every good wish heading pjern's way!!
posted by scody 08 May | 13:06

Best of luck!
posted by skorgu 08 May | 13:12
pjern, our paths have never crossed, but I'm wishing the best for you.
posted by Ardiril 08 May | 13:41
Love and healing to you, pjern.
posted by mykescipark 08 May | 14:13
you can beat this, pjern.
posted by jason's_planet 08 May | 14:18
Oh god. How awful.
Van harte beterschap pjern!
posted by jouke 08 May | 14:23
Please get better, pjern.
posted by halonine 08 May | 15:20
I don't know you, never had any direct dealings with you, but I am terribly concerned. . .I hope that this reverses. . . .
posted by danf 08 May | 15:22
I hope prayers are ok ... I'm saying them for you, pjern. Get better please!
posted by initapplette 08 May | 15:22
posted by JanetLand 08 May | 15:25
That's scary news. I really hope you get better, pjern.
posted by Specklet 08 May | 15:33
Sending my best thoughts your way, pjern.
posted by CitrusFreak12 08 May | 15:43
Best wishes. Get better!
Hoping you feel better real soon, pjern.
posted by geekyguy 08 May | 15:58
I toasted a spider on my desk for you just now. Get well, please :)
posted by casarkos 08 May | 16:10
Oh no. I hope you are feeling better very soon.
posted by gomichild 08 May | 16:37
Oh pjern, get well real soon.
posted by jamaro 08 May | 16:59
Oh dear, this is terribly distressng news to wake up to :( Please get better, pjern.

LoriFLA, there was no spider seen, so you may be right when you speculated it wasn't even a bit at all. I think it happened overnight? He woke up in Laredo on the morning of the 26th with it, and when he attended the ER in Fort Worth the D.O. he saw said it was most likely a sider bite & sent him on his way home with Motrin. So who knows, the spiders might be innocent?
posted by goshling 08 May | 18:26
I think he also got antibiotics, goshie.
posted by Stewriffic 08 May | 18:29
Good grief, this sucks. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you, pjern.
posted by BoringPostcards 08 May | 18:48
Shit. Get better, dude.
posted by cortex 08 May | 19:04
Good news, everybody!

Talked to pjern this afternoon. In fact, he did nearly go into renal failure. But they were able to stabilize him. They removed a mass "the size of a softball".

He's not feeling much pain right now and he's on the road to recovery. He'll probably be there for a few more days, but the wound is bleeding, which is apparently a good thing (it means the systems are working).

He sends everyone his love and thanks you all for the well wishes.
posted by ColdChef 08 May | 19:19
Fort Worth, huh? I wonder what hospital?
posted by Doohickie 08 May | 19:19
His internet connection, however, still sucks.
posted by ColdChef 08 May | 19:19
Yay, good to hear he is on the mend! Hang in there pjern!
posted by typewriter 08 May | 19:23
Yay! So happy to hear pjern's on the mend. Sending you warm thoughts, buddy!
posted by Twiggy 08 May | 19:30
Oh good. Thanks for the update, CC.
posted by gaspode 08 May | 19:34

Thanks ColdChef...
posted by Stewriffic 08 May | 19:36
This IS good news. Woohoo!
posted by richat 08 May | 19:38
posted by skorgu 08 May | 19:40
They removed a mass "the size of a softball".

posted by mullacc 08 May | 20:01
Thanks for the updates, I've been checking back way too often hoping things would take a turn for the better. Yay, pjern!
posted by Sil 08 May | 20:25
Awesome! Thanks ColdChef.
posted by gomichild 08 May | 20:31
Get well soon pjern!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 May | 20:36
Pjern, you can write a book about the attack of the man-eating spiders, sell the movie rights and ??? ProfiT! Get well.
posted by theora55 08 May | 20:52
crap, that's scary, I'm glad you're doing better pjern!

I just had a tiny little nasal thing that I kept a close watch on in ccase it was staph. I was just in the ER last week for my Dad and they wiped stuff down because of MRSA.
posted by dhartung 08 May | 21:04
Very very glad to read this. . .thank you ColdChef.
posted by danf 08 May | 21:07
I'm so glad you're doing better, pjern!
posted by deborah 08 May | 22:56
hey pjern, keep your spirits up, we're pulling for you!
posted by desjardins 08 May | 22:57
Yay! Since my comment was at the same time as the good news, I missed it until now. Get better soon, pjern!
posted by Doohickie 08 May | 23:00
hope things get better soon! I've had staph before, it's no fun - I thought it was a spider bite too.

Not sure what you have here, pjern, but hope whatever it is gets cleared up ASAP. Come back - we miss you!

send lots of healing whuffles.
posted by jonathanstrange 08 May | 23:06
I don't know you, but good on you pjern. Hope the recovery is swift. Mr alto had a horsefly bite last summer that turned into cellulitis - he wasn't admitted to hospital (though it was a close-run thing) but it took 6 weeks of antibiotics to clear it up.
posted by altolinguistic 09 May | 03:18
They removed a mass "the size of a softball".

And? Did they let him keep it???
posted by Eideteker 09 May | 05:00
Glad he'll be ok.
posted by brujita 09 May | 05:10

It's shocking how fragile we are. Get better pjern. Death to all venemous spiders.
posted by seanyboy 09 May | 06:22
Dang...hope you feel better really soon, pjern!
posted by bunnyfire 09 May | 06:25
Feel better, pjern!
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 May | 06:51
Holy shit, I am really glad this thread had a happy turn for the better. Golden Lucky Day, pjern!
posted by Meatbomb 09 May | 10:54
ah!!! this is so awesome! i have an unnatural fear of spiders, this won't help but thank god he's alright and the definitely does help!
posted by eatdonuts 09 May | 15:57
My fear of spiders has gotten exponentially worse as a result of this thread, but I'm awfully glad pjern is on the mend!
posted by scody 09 May | 17:17
I'm glad things are looking up for pjern. I was afraid to open the thread. :( Another rally-up cheer for a full recovery.
posted by chewatadistance 09 May | 19:21
So happy to hear the good (well, "better") news. I'm very curious now whether it was indeed a spider bite, or not...
posted by taz 10 May | 01:34
This just in: pjern's daughter said she saw him on Friday night and he was up and normal, though in pain. renal system is fine. She said she had a really fun time with him.

posted by Stewriffic 10 May | 08:36
Oh so happy about this! Keep it up, pjern!
posted by initapplette 10 May | 09:42
I'll message his daughtr when I get back from the library but does anyone know if he'll be at the hospital for a bit? MeFi would like to send him flowers if he's cooped up for a while. Maybe we should put together a Get Well Flickr set? Unless he wants to be a little more private about this?
posted by jessamyn 10 May | 10:39
Yay for pjern! Keep going!
posted by casarkos 10 May | 11:11
Oh thank goodness! I've been thinking about him.
posted by Specklet 10 May | 14:25
Did we find out if the growth was due to the spider bite or not?
posted by dhartung 10 May | 16:32
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