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31 March 2009

She'll always be the Countess The Real Housewives of New York City's LuAnn de Lesseps may have been dumped by e-mail. But at least she'll get to keep her beloved title.
Real Housewives (of both OC and NYC) is a guilty secret of mine. Tuesday night is Housewives night on Diva TV in the UK, with NY followed by OC. We're just finishing the first season of NY and are into season 3, I think, of OC (the one with Quinn, who was only in it for one season).

I both envy the housewives (for their wealth and privilege) and cringe at them (for their behaviour) in equal measure.

I like LuAnn, although she is a little pretentious, and Jill is great. But Alex & Simon are just sooo skeevy. He in particular makes my flesh crawl.
posted by essexjan 31 March | 13:07
I've generally been a Simon apologist - if only because it's cool that he doesn't freak out over people thinking he's gay. But standing over Ramona in a crowded public setting and demanding "Why don't you like me?" was deeply strange. And now there's lifting up his wife's skirt for the cameras.

So, yeah... skeevy.
posted by Joe Beese 31 March | 13:20
Infidelity sucks. No matter if you have money, beauty, all sucks.
posted by redvixen 31 March | 15:02
Aw, that sucks for her. She's not the nicest but no one deserves that.
What happens when they have more single women than wives on the show? Are they going to change the name to "Real rich ladies of NYC?"
posted by rmless2 31 March | 15:48
Ooooh, will the countess date? I can't wait to see her "let the man be a man" and "talk low and lean in close" as she advised Bethenny!
posted by birdie 31 March | 17:29
My sister wanted me to get my hair cut like the Countess. I had no idea who the countess was until I looked her up. She's got a great cut but her hair is thicker and more volumelicious than mine and wouldn't work for my fine locks.
posted by LoriFLA 31 March | 20:32
Fourth time's the charm? || Skelewags.