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23 February 2009

What does "payment reversed" mean? We just got our Verizon bill and it shows us as being overdue. Now, we made the last payment on-time. The odd part of the bill is that it shows our last payment marked "payment reversed" and did not apply to the balance. This almost looks like a returned check, but we have overdraft protection, so that couldn't have happened.

We're puzzled. What does "payment reversed" mean in a case like this?
That does sound strange. Can't you call *611 and ask?
posted by special-k 23 February | 20:59
Is there a chance there wasn't enough money in your account and the overdraft protection glitched? Or could there have been an error on the check - for example dating it with the wrong month? Say you somehow dated it as March instead of February or something like that? Failed to sign it?

It definitely sounds as though they received the check but couldn't cash it, or similar. Anyway, I'm curious; have you found out anything?
posted by taz 24 February | 02:34
I don't know the specifics but payment reversed usually means the transaction failed for some reason other than insufficient funds. Also, this question is tickling a memory that involves problems with Verizon's auto-debit system. Look at your bank statement to see if it says anything.
posted by Ardiril 24 February | 06:27
Here's teh story from Verizon...
Turns out, a check from another Verizon customer was mistakenly credited to our account because they had written our phone number on the check. This had happened back in January. The "payment reversed" is Verizon realizing the mistake and taking the payment back from our account.

In the meantime, our last "payment due" had reflected this erroneous check and we simply paid what Verizon claimed the balance was. Now, of course, our current bill reflects that we didn't actually pay all of what we owed and Verizon claims we are overdue.
posted by Thorzdad 24 February | 07:42
That certainly corresponds with my experiences with Verizon's customer service. They may have the best network -- and in fact I suspect they really do -- but their customer interfacing (including hardware and apps) is subpar. I am only 3 months into the contract, but right now, paying the $180 to break the contract and moving to an iPhone seems worth it.
posted by Ardiril 24 February | 07:59
After he saw my iphone and got a chance to mess about with it my mr kelly broke his verizon contract for at&t, and says he thinks the service is better, signal-wise. I've had them for years- since they were cellular one, then bought by cingular, and now. hm... seven or eight years now.
No complaints thus far.
posted by kellydamnit 24 February | 16:24
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