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15 December 2008

Post Your Woes Here I am having a woeful Xmas this year, how about you?[More:]

Not looking for whuffles (do whuffles have widges?), just needed to snarl a bit...

Totally broke, and no one in my family is even getting together this year. I am thinking popcorn, toast, and jelly beans for Xmas dinner?

Mom just got out of the hospital, had to have her stent replaced in her heart. She's ok, but it was scary. She came into the lab to visit me and out of the blue almost collapsed. Glad she was just a few yards from the ER when it happened, she was about to drive home in rush hour traffic.

My MS is messing with my optic nerve, now my eyes roll around in my head like I am going to faint when I get tired. Scares the hell out of people and makes me feel dizzy. Not to mention I have a perpetual headache.

I know a lot of you have mentioned having woe right now. Let's mope it out for a minute, shall we?

Or post something that is so "teh aw3s0mx0r" that it cheers everyone up. Like Bush getting a shoe chucked at him on a loop :D
My right foot is killing me. a dull pain right under the third toe and in the ankle. Those massaging insoles I bought helped for a while, but they seem to have quit on me. In my bare feet, I'm limping around the apartment.

I have toe woe.
posted by jonmc 15 December | 23:22
I got a letter from my mother (we're not close) wanting an emotional inventory of our relationship. Nothing good can come of this. With a great deal of help and support from my boyfriend and some others, I composed an adequate response. But the whole thing has brought home to me some very cold truths, and it's no fun.

Plus I often get down in December because it is so dark and I have no close ties with family and plans so often seem to fall through at this time of year, maybe just because there are more plans than usual. I suffer over this.

Plus my income drops over the holidays and I AM over-educated and underpaid. I have an MLS and qualify for food stamps.

I wish I was a poet again.
posted by Riverine 15 December | 23:34
Bf has been made redundant.

I have a new boss who's insisting we work only our contracted 35 hours per week (along with a recruitment freeze and far more work than we can fit into 35 hours - she'll soon learn, and be signing those overtime forms sharpish), and we're having an orphan's xmas (but orphan's xmases are my favourite kind, they just sound woeful - poor norphans!).

I also just paid 65 VAT and customs tax to have my birthday present from my mother delivered - honestly, (and excuse me for a moment): YOU IDIOT! The customs form is not your opportunity to show off about how much you spent (and inflate it for god-knows-who's benefit) - just write '30 gift' in future please, regardless of actual cost, ffs! (She was actually really upset when I told her how much it would cost - but, duh).
posted by goo 15 December | 23:51
I have been feeling sick sick sick for about a week now. Last week, it felt like the flu- headaches, fatigue, sore throat. And the past few days I've been sneezing, coughing, running after my nose, bleech. I WANT TO BE WELL PLEEEEEEASE.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 December | 23:58
My chest pains are getting worse. I take a time-released nitroglycerin pill as needed, but I should only take 3 a day. I am up to 4 on many days. The problem is I think it is more stress-related than actual artery congestion but I don't have any idea how I could make my life any more stress-free. This isn't quite bad enough for the ER but the earliest I can see my cardiologist is next Tuesday. I doubt I will live through 2009 and I have been lucky to get these past 5 years.
posted by Ardiril 16 December | 07:10
Mouse, thou might ha' been my guest
An' kept a warm place for thy nest
Until thou courted strife an' war
By shitting in the silver drawer
posted by Wolfdog 16 December | 08:46
1. Cramps.
2. Boss on inexplicable warpath still. Too much work.
3. Lengthy list of legal/housing woes, endless, scary.
4. Soon to be broke, very very broke. Whee!
5. Son - well. Son not making great choices right now.
6. Dementia auntie is demented. Hope she didn't burn the house down this morning!
7. Daughter still dating shithead.
8. Brothers still at war.
9. Body apparently no longer able to metabolize alcohol yet quitting drinking has made no noticeable difference in life, organization or anything much, even waistline.
10. Nonexistence of love life, while familiar, is also sometimes depressing.
And, for bonus woes, 11: Dogs need washing! Eeeurgh!
posted by mygothlaundry 16 December | 09:37
1. I finally realized after a week of paralysis what was really bothering me - a fight from three years ago that I apparently still haven't completely gotten over. I did some healing last week, and purging this week, but damn I've been such a lump it's scary.

2. Work is. Everyone else is off but me, so I get the on call phone again. It's really cool and rad - I can remote into a server from it and reboot, but still.

3. Gettin' close to broke, too, but I'll be free of a chunk of my debt in three months or so.

4. I'll also be free of this marriage, but that's a big sad, too. I tried, I really did, but it takes two, and I'm tired of carrying this around.
posted by lysdexic 16 December | 10:47
OOps, fergot. I've been browsing these links to get some daily RDA of happy.

And little sis sent this!
posted by lysdexic 16 December | 10:49
There's a greyhound (not mine, thankfully) missing in Chicago and I spent my whole day off looking for him and putting up fliers. The high temperature yesterday was 12. It was so cold that the stickiest tape I could find wouldn't stick to the frozen metal lightposts. I got windburn on my cheeks. Every time I picture the poor hound huddled somewhere shivering and cold, I come close to tears. He's been missing since Thursday.

Back in May, my uncle was hit by a car (driver was dialing his cell phone) while helping a friend fix a flat tire. He was very severely injured, including traumatic brain injury. After 7 months of hospitals and rehab and nursing homes, he passed away yesterday from heart failure. He had never regained his cognitive ability. He left behind his wife (my dad's sister) and their teenage son and tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars in medical bills. The guy that hit him had no insurance and no assets worth suing for.
posted by misskaz 16 December | 11:05
Crappy year. I listed the reasons, but it made me feel bad.

I'm sorry for your suckage. Suckage sucks a lot. Fie on you, Suckiness!
posted by theora55 16 December | 12:24
I'm known as the "Christmas Kid" in my family and I just can't be bothered this year - no tree, no decor, no outside lights, no xmas cards for family and friends. I always do those things, but not this year. I'm rather baffled by it because there's no reason for me to be so meh.
posted by deborah 16 December | 13:35
Oh, misskaz, I'm so sorry about your uncle. My condolences.
posted by scody 16 December | 23:36
I will be spending my entire winter "vacation" from work packing up my apartment and because I am too wussy and spineless to confront my roommate over the idea that I will have a lot of full boxes in her living room, I need to find a storage unit to move my boxes into from 12/27 or so to 1/10, thus jacking up my moving costs a lot.

At least the therapy is helping...
posted by TrishaLynn 17 December | 00:45
A little fun in a Subaru || More yay = Pics of my beautiful sis and bro-to-be