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30 November 2008

What are your Sunday plans? Mine are ... [More:]

1. A good dinner, which is already in the slow cooker. I'm having brisket, which I sealed in hot olive oil. Then I took the beef out of the pan, added a little butter to the oil and in went a couple of sliced onions, 3 cloves of garlic and some ground spices ('souvla' spice a friend brought me back from Greece). Then it all went into the slow cooker, with some carrots and beef stock, a good pinch of salt and some black pepper. It'll be ready by about 4pm.

2. Big football day today - my team plays the local rivals. So after a kettlebell workout, I'll watch the game.

3. Hot date with boo on Skype. Yay!

1. Sleep in.
2. Cheese toast and hot chocolate and Simpsons and snuggles.
3. Zelda.

The boy already did the washing up, the laundry, the recycling, and the glider cage. He's so awesome.
posted by Specklet 30 November | 08:17
1. Accounts.
2. Project management.
3. Roast beef.
posted by chrismear 30 November | 08:41
1. Visiting my parents.
2. Going to a new store with my sister and mother (Kohls. I've been there before. It's mediocre at best).
3. Laundry. A bit of cleaning and dreaming. Riding my bike with my iPod this early evening.
posted by LoriFLA 30 November | 09:23
1. Gym
2. Prepping to start the kidling at daycare tomorrow
3. Prepping to start me back at work tomorrow
4. Ravens game
posted by gaspode 30 November | 09:42
1. Making funeral arrangements for 79yo woman.
2. Picking up a body at a hospital. Just died.
3. Wake tonight for 56yo woman.
posted by ColdChef 30 November | 09:48
LoriFLA, Kohl's is a great place to pick up comfy pj's.

1. Decorate my Christmas tree with a four year old friend
2. Bake sugar cookies with same four year old
3. Watch the Steelers game with my husband
4. Shrimp scampi for dinner

All in all, a nice quiet Sunday at home.
posted by msali 30 November | 09:51
1. Work.
2. Visiting 2 possible apartments.
3. Feeling meh.
posted by sperose 30 November | 09:56
1. Get packed and ready to go back to NY.
2. Train
3. Date! Unless I am too tired or cranky.
posted by rmless2 30 November | 11:16
1. Football - and futzing with my fantasy roster.
2. Going to boyfriend's place - assuming weather isn't too awful!
3. Petting dog.
posted by sisterhavana 30 November | 11:54
1. Be lazy.
2. Take Mr. Blandings to the airport (boo!)
3. Pick up the Happy Family from the airport. (yay!)
posted by crush-onastick 30 November | 12:01
1. Wash hair

I can't decide what to do for 2 or 3. It would be nice to go shopping, but like sisterhavana said the weather is supposed to be awful here (hi sisterhavana!). But yesterday I didn't leave my apartment except to go to Walgreens! On the other hand I thought I might do some schoolwork.

I might pack some schoolwork and go to a cafe after shopping.
posted by halonine 30 November | 12:07
-3: Fix toilet
-2: Do laundry
-1: Add another row to the LoveQuilt

1: Shower
2: Go back to Expozine to hang with friends for a while
3: Try to fit in a thrift-store run before 5:00 (not looking good from here)
posted by loiseau 30 November | 12:17
1. Drink Beer
2. Eat Mint Oreos
3. I'll get back to you
posted by jonmc 30 November | 12:18
1. Work on piece I'm writing this morning, finish it (fingers crossed)
2. Long walk with borrowed dog in the woods (in the rain, but still awesome)
3. Dinner with mother
3a. Then bath, read, listen to new music downloaded in the last few days, go to bed early

My idea of a nearly perfect day, actually. I'm pretty solitary at the moment, which suits me.
posted by jokeefe 30 November | 12:55
1. Recover from jet-lag. I slept for ten hours last night after flying in from the Bay Area, I'm still a little disoriented.

2. Watch the Steelers play against the hated Patriots.

3. Plan my next move in the MeFi Diplomacy game.
posted by octothorpe 30 November | 13:03
1. Shovel snow.
2. Church.
3. Gym.
4. Playing int he snow with my camera and dog.
5. Bath.

But I need to put pants on first.
posted by rhapsodie 30 November | 13:17
1. Go to the hardware store, then do some minor roof repair at my folks' house.
2. Go run some errands that may include the thrift store and will certainly include the coffee shop.
3. Go for a late lunch/early dinner somewhere.
posted by box 30 November | 13:22
1. Get a thing done for work-work.
2. Write the paper that's due on Friday.
3. Make curry with the goat meat that's thawing in the fridge and my crockpot (experiment!)
4. Start thinking about the final paper for 520.
5. Start thinking about recipes for New Year's Gathering.
6. Warcraft?
posted by Fuzzbean 30 November | 13:35
1. Read quite a bit more of the Tale of Genji...the saddest bits, which have left me melancholy and afraid that all my past sins will come back to haunt me.

2. Laundry, washed, in the drier.

3. Leftover Thanksgiving dinner with a dear friend and her mom tonight, which should be lovely.
posted by Twiggy 30 November | 14:01
1. Build a fire in the fireplace
2. Maybe watch WALL*E
3. Or maybe not
posted by BoringPostcards 30 November | 14:08
Steak and eggs for breakfast.
Learn 4 more measures of the piano part of Bennie and the Jets. His piano work may look easy on paper but reality soon intervenes.
Extract some samples from a synth solo I recorded Wednesday.
Stare at the rain.
posted by Ardiril 30 November | 14:14
1. Coffee and oatmeal -- check!

now on to:

2. Go get car washed (my friends are mocking me);

3. Go to CostCo;

4. Return home, finish work assignment.
posted by Claudia_SF 30 November | 14:58
Today is Big Cooking Day, so I:

1. Made mac & cheese for lunch, with leftovers for tomorrow
2. Am in the process of making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce to go in the freezer for when I'm away
3. Maybe make brownies, though I feel a nap coming on, so maybe not, or maybe after said nap
posted by elizard 30 November | 15:23
1. Long gossipy Sunday chat with my daughter
2. keep son quiet cos his Dad is asleep post-call
3. get ready for the (extremely early!)carol concert followed by mulled wine & Matron's mince pies at Son's school (this thing could feature on Four weddings and a Funeral part Deux)
posted by Wilder 30 November | 15:24
1) Grovel to roommate because I left the kitchen in a disgraceful state when I left for vacation.
2) Make spinach feta mini quiches
3) Make meatballs and marinara sauce
4) Burn popcorn. Oops.
5) Dinner here with friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend.
posted by Stewriffic 30 November | 15:33
1. do Laundry
2. listen extensively to Iron Maiden
3. finally start reading The Beet Queen
posted by BeardedDave 30 November | 15:38
1. Did laundry for the week, go me!
2. Have pants and shirt on for impending eBay inventory. Hope boy gets here soon.
3. It is way too dark in my room. Need more light. Keep putting off buying lamp. Have just plugged in rainbow lights and yes, that's a bit better. Still need more light in room.
4. Will blog tonight. Really I will.
posted by TrishaLynn 30 November | 16:18
The only thing left on the list for today is to go to bed early. Given that I didn't slept very last night, I'm not expecting it to be a problem.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 November | 18:13
1. Brunch with family
2. Drive back to Boston
3. Post to MetaChat (since I still can't do that on the road; some javascript nonsense)
posted by Eideteker 30 November | 22:38
Given that I didn't slept very last night,

Oh, TPS, you sound tired, indeed. Sleep well.
posted by Hugh Janus 30 November | 22:40
1. Work on piece I'm writing this morning, finish it Booyah! Proofread and emailed on time!
2. Long walk with borrowed dog in the woods (in the rain, but still awesome) Not too much rain, walk was lovely
3. Dinner with mother Leftovers from her dinner party last night, nom nom nom
3a. Then bath read, listen to new music downloaded in the last few days, go to bed early

And now I'm working on the rest. A really good day.
posted by jokeefe 30 November | 23:20
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