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27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Ameri-Bunnies. Did anybody else get Rick-Rolled watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
When our boy Astley came out of the float and started singing, we clapped and giggled as we explained to my in-laws why we found it so amusing.
I saw him! Yay Rick!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 November | 15:09
Every year a friend and I come up with the clues for an off-Broadway theater company's benefit charades game, played by company members and celebrities before a crowd of donors. To eliminate controversy, we impose rigorous rules on our selection process. Clues must be plays, TV programs, films, or songs; every word must be standard English spelling, no proper nouns, no punctuation; and each clue must be recognizable to at least 90% of the audience (this is the trickiest rule, since half the crowd is friends of the company, skewed young and hip, and the other, more important half, is socialites and benefactors, skewed old and stuffy). For the first time in five years and about seven hundred clues, we broke the rules, included the non-standard "gonna," and rickrolled the show.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 November | 15:43
Where's the yt links?
I was hoping to catch sight of Pinky and the Brain in the few shots of the crowds i could catch.
What else did i miss?
posted by ethylene 27 November | 16:41

posted by unsurprising 27 November | 17:11
Good sport, Rick.
posted by jouke 27 November | 17:31
OMG, this is like a giant explosion of awesome: Foster's is pretty much my favorite cartoon EVAR, and Rick Astley, and the voice-over dude mispronouncing "phenom" as fe-NOM (as in NOMNOMNOM, even), and, um, wow!
posted by mdonley 27 November | 17:34
HA!! For some strange reason, this joke has yet to get old for me. Rick Astley is indeed a great sport.
posted by scody 27 November | 18:10
I'm with you there, scody!
posted by jonathanstrange 27 November | 18:36
Yeah he is a good sport and on him for just going with the flow on the whole thing.
posted by gomichild 27 November | 19:20
Daughter and I just tried to explain to mrs danf what rickrolling is. She is pretty meh about internet culture. . .
posted by danf 27 November | 19:26
How does one pronounce "phenom" correctly, mdonley?

I saw an interview with Astley where he talked about how easy it was for him to be a great sport about rickrolling; he's happy to have the career resurgence and the royalty checks. He probably made a stack showing up for the Macy's parade, though I bet he gave it to charity or something cool like that.

I wonder if he lip-sync'ed back in the day, too. It looked cold.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 November | 19:48
I say "FEE-nom" instead of "feh-NOM" like the announcer did.
This was really funny!
Did anyone else watch the dog show? There was this one terrier that looked like a sheep with pom-poms on its ears. I laughed so hard I almost knocked things off the stove.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by rmless2 27 November | 23:04
Those dogs look cool with a blue jean collar from a sailor suit around their neck; the way their legs are trimmed makes them look like Prince Albert Edward:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Hugh Janus 27 November | 23:28
Sheep are the new dogs, or something.

≡ Click to see image ≡

I also say "fee-NOM"

Just thought I'd share
posted by lysdexic 27 November | 23:38
That clip just made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes. Awesome.

(Did anybody else think he looked like Harold from Harold And Maude just then? I think it's the coat and the haircut...)
posted by BoringPostcards 28 November | 01:53
Wow, I guess this English teacher stands corrected. I was all about FEE-nom and didn't imagine varying pronunciations even existed. :)
posted by mdonley 28 November | 02:04
That Rickroll thing is freaking hilarious! Go Rick! The internets are changing our world!
posted by Specklet 28 November | 04:12
My daughter and I high-fived at being Rick-Rolled. We too had to explain it later in the day, but my bro-in-law got it. That hair cut and dye job of Rick's was just terrible. But you're right, what a great sport. I love Foster's!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 28 November | 08:48
Dudes! Miko and I were watching that and just died.

You have to love internet memes on the Thanksgiving Parade route!

posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 November | 17:18
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