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26 November 2008

I hate it when the NY Times, or anyone else. . . prints a story about one of my favorite places.[More:]. . .Palenque. I can't put into words, how magical this place is.

I was fortunate to be able to stay at Hotel de las Ruinas, which is just down the hill from the ruins, but is now closed and used by employees of the site. It was great to just get up in the morning (a number of mornings) and walk up the road and be there without having to get a collectivo from town.

The site is only a third excavated, so you can go into the hills, on foot trails and come up on these stone walls that are totally overgrown.

Hard place to get to, but very very worth it.
I was actually planning on going to Chiapas this winter, and this series by the NY Times has confirmed it for me. I've been to Copan in Honduras, and I loved the Mayan ruins there. I want to see some of the rest of the region too. Seems like a place that you are truly getting away from it all.
posted by eekacat 26 November | 18:05
eekacat. . .I'll email you next week with some tips, if you want. . .I have been there quite a bit.
posted by danf 26 November | 18:07
That would be fantastic danf! I definitely could use the insider information.

And you say about Palenque being magical, that's exactly how I felt about Copan. On our second day there, my brother and I sat down in the big grassy area near the ball court, and leaned back and just watched. There was almost nobody there, and nobody in sight. After awhile, with the occasional flock of parrots flying overhead, some deer came out of the jungle and were grazing in the grass, and some spider monkeys made an appearance. It was one of the more amazing moments in my life soaking in all that atmosphere there. I'm looking forward to going to Chiapas.
posted by eekacat 26 November | 19:23
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