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24 November 2008

When the MeFi realm crosses over into work... I have to manually unsubscribe people from our mailing lists at work. I get all the emails asking to unsubscribe, search for them manually, and then have to click a few more times to delete someone.[More:]

I just deleted a mefite! I recognised her email address - as it's the same as the gmail account that I deleted, and it was unusual enough that I'm sure I'm right. Also, I remember that she lives in Qld. Don't think I've seen her here on MeCha, and she isn't someone I've had contact with, but she's a username I remember for some reason.
Do you guys ever get that?

I'd have posted her username, but it's one of those times where I'm more embarrassed by knowing her, where she has no idea at all who I am.

I frequently have to pretend not to recognise someone, because there is no way they'll remember me. I have to force myself NOT to say hi to the kid I remember that I did Karate with in grade 2, and haven't seen since.
posted by jonathanstrange 24 November | 19:35
I also remember people that I haven't seen or heard from in decades. It's odd and sometimes painful. I want to say hi not expecting anything but when I do, I get dirty looks. So much for great face-recognition and a friendly disposition.
posted by MonkeyButter 24 November | 20:27
Where do you work? Might have been me - I've been unsubscribing from various newsletters lately and I'm in Qld ;)
posted by divabat 24 November | 21:38

it WAS you! :)
posted by jonathanstrange 24 November | 21:41
HA! Talk about a small world!
posted by divabat 24 November | 21:44
I thought about emailing you to tell you... but then I thought that was just weird, so I posted about it instead! :)
posted by jonathanstrange 24 November | 21:46
The longer I've been on MeFi, the more people I know something about. And in the real world, it becomes hard to stop my "she's a MeFite! He's a MeFite! A MeFite works there! A MeFite did that!" reflex. There aren't a lot of MeFites, but they are still everywhere for some reason.
posted by Miko 24 November | 22:26
Nope. Doesn't happen to me. About the only way it might is if my wife or her family become Mechazens. (My side of the family doesn't do internet at all, really.) So, when I link to one of their blogs, go over and comment and help me encourage them!
posted by Doohickie 24 November | 22:48
Last year, a well-known MeFite (who doesn't seem to post much anymore) emailed a reference question to my library. In my reply I mentioned the connection and he was like, "Yeah, doesn't surprise me ... MeFi is full of librarians." ;-)
posted by initapplette 25 November | 09:20
Well, the opposite sorta happened on Friday night when I met jacalata and turgid dahlia at the (mini) MeFi meetup in Brisbane. He (turgid dahlia) works in the building next to me, it turns out and we have more than likely walked past each other any number of times. I often wonder if any of the people around me are MeFites without anyone realising the connection.
posted by dg 25 November | 16:52
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