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24 November 2008

On the fragile beauty of Buffalo. The Times reports on the endangered history of a great vision of a democratic city.
Yeah, this used to be the 8th largest city in the US. It was 10th in 1860 and 1910, but doesn't make the list any other times. Interestingly, over time, that list is pretty consistent that the #1 city -- New York -- is approximately 10 times the size of the #10 city. It fell behind for a while until the consolidation of the five boroughs. Must be some kind of mathematical law at work there.

Anyway, glad to see the work being done at the Martin House; Buffalo's probably the #2 city for Frank Lloyd Wright fans outside Chicago.
posted by stilicho 24 November | 15:10
Can anyone tell what structure the photograph in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the story was shot from?
posted by phlogiston 24 November | 15:31
That's Louis Sullivan's Guarantee Building. Sullivan was a pioneer of the American skyscraper and Frank Lloyd Wright's boss and early mentor.
posted by pieisexactlythree 24 November | 15:41
Now I really, really want to go to Buffalo.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 November | 16:20
everyone should come to buffalo. we'll get beers. it'll be fun.
posted by kellydamnit 24 November | 16:38
Awww. Kelly, I was planning to do Thanksgiving there with my sister, but I got laid off before I could buy the tickets.
posted by pieisexactlythree 24 November | 17:04
oh, and this is my neighborhood. It is awesome. Plus, I can see canada from my roof, so that means most of my neighborhood is qualified to run as a VP nominee for a major party.
This site also has some great architectural photos. Sad to see the things that are gone, though.
posted by kellydamnit 24 November | 17:04
aw, that sucks. Well, next time you're here we have to hang out.
posted by kellydamnit 24 November | 17:07
I'd love to get up to Buffalo, it looks quite a lot like Pittsburgh, lots of red brick. Richardson is one of my favorite architects (he did a small church a block from my house) I'd love to see that "Hospital for the Insane".
posted by octothorpe 24 November | 17:40
Oh and I like that neighborhood website, I'm now the Webmaster for ours and I'm looking for ideas to borrow for it.
posted by octothorpe 24 November | 17:44
There's less red brick than you'd think. Most of the houses are wood frame victorians. You really only find a lot of brick on commercial buildings or the rare occasional Italianite (which I would love to buy, but they're SOO unusual here, they're either super expensive or have been abandoned for decades and so rotted the're no longer legally safe to occupy. I'll most likely end up with a folk victorian or maybe a federalist revival.)

The hospital's really something else, but it's under some hardcore security now. back in my youth it was like everyone had to sneak in at least once before they could call themselves an adult. Now, you're lucky to get within 5' before the cops roll up and ask what you're doing.
posted by kellydamnit 24 November | 18:14
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