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23 November 2008

My weekend and some observations on online dating. [More:] I've been away from my computer since that disastrous phone call on Friday. I slept all of Saturday unable to deal with anybody. But today was much better. I did an 8 mile hike this morning here, had some Ethiopian food for lunch, and took a peaceful nap. Then I stopped over at Borders to browse the cookbook section (which always cheers me up). I grabbed a copy of The Lee Bros Southern cookbook.

Now onto the online dating bit. I spent the last 5 years in a college town (~60k people). For the last two years, I maintained a profile on okcupid. Living in a small town and dating online was a bit weird because I invariably ran into these women at bars, coffee shops, or restaurants before exchanging messages. Nothing good came off it anyway.

Now I live with my folks in a smaller town (30k people). And this ainít no college town. Nearly all the women on okc here are 10+ years older than me or married and looking for something on the side. Not my cup of tea so I havenít messaged anyone. But this afternoon, after stopping at Borders (which is in the next town over), I saw 4 okc women at a bar. I am good with faces so I instantly recognized all of them. It was a bit surreal, sitting across the bar from strangers but also knowing what kind of movies, books, and music they liked.
OMG STALKER!!!eleventy!!

posted by gomichild 24 November | 00:39
wait... they say on their profiles or whatever that they are married and looking for something on the side? And they have their photos on them?
posted by taz 24 November | 02:11
Wait taz is onto something here... BLACKMAIL.
posted by gomichild 24 November | 03:46
Yup, married with pics online, but often so are their husbands. The open marriage culture is thriving and they embraced online dating sites years ago. Just about every site has a category for 'married and looking' or similar.
posted by Ardiril 24 November | 07:39
Very surreal, especially considering the kinds of things a lot of people will write in their profiles for anyone to read...

The other day I had a mini-heart attack when a guy whom I immediately recognized from okc walked right past my apartment as I was standing outside. Tried to look as little like my photos as possible while we exchanged the raised-eye-brow-Do-I-know-you-squint. I'm not sure if it worked. Nothing embarrassing except for the fact that I kind of never responded to his email...s.
posted by notquitemaryann 24 November | 09:15
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