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23 November 2008

Dear Craigslist shopper: Here are some helpful hints that will help keep well-intentioned sellers (like me) from GOING FUCKING INSANE.[More:]

First off, don't respond to every posted ad with a message that says "i will offer u $20.00," where $20.00 = exactly half of the listed price. You know who you are. You've responded to four of my ads that way, offering half of what I asked. I don't know what kind of resale business you're running, but I hope it's failing miserably.

2. Don't respond to an ad by saying, "I'm really interested in your _________, but that's too far for me to drive. Thanks anyway."

Look, I didn't contact you. You contacted me. If everyone on Craigslist who wasn't interested in buying my ___________ contacted me, I'd have seventy bajillion emails expressing non-interest. Surely you can see how this is not sustainable? Really, I'm glad you considered it, but the email is not necessary.

C: When you do decide to buy something -- and really, thank you for following through and for showing up when you said you would -- couldja maybe not assume that I'm going to have change for a $20? Because the whole reason I'm selling this stuff is that I DON'T HAVE CHANGE FOR A $20. If you agree to pay $50, and stop at the ATM to get $60 on your way over, maybe consider stopping off at the Dollar Tree to buy some scented lotion or a votive candle for your wife. Or some Doritos for you. It's just around the corner! They'd be happy to make change for you. Otherwise, it just seems like you're trying to scam me out of a few bucks, and that makes me angry.

Thanks for taking these things into consideration.

Craiglist seller of fine things
2. Don't respond to an ad by saying, "I'm really interested in your _________, but that's too far for me to drive. Thanks anyway."

This made me cackle like a hyena. That is too funny.

I had a person come in to my house to look at a couch. She wanted it. She had no way to transport it to her home. I stated in my ad that we would not provide transportation. I caved and told her we would deliver it since she lived around the corner. My husband and I had to take her garage door off the wall to get it into her house (she had converted her garage into a room and bolted the garage to the wall so it would not open.) We were there for a couple hours.

Yesterday, my sister asked me to go to Goodwill with her to drop off some donations. She wanted the company but I couldn't go. She decided to do a Craigslist "curb alert" instead. All of her stuff was gone in 15 minutes. Now that is what I call efficient donating
posted by LoriFLA 23 November | 20:49
Also, if you post in Strictly Platonic and you're not interested in me anymore after we exchange e-mails, just say "I'm not interested anymore" don't leave me hanging!
posted by hellojed 23 November | 21:07
I've never sold on CL, although I can see where I might sell some bicycles down the road. I seem to be accumulating more than I really need.

I've had two buying experiences on CL. The first was quite happy; a guy had a bicycle up for $10; I had it in my driveway 1/2 hour after reading the ad (he only lived a mile from me, amazingly enough). As a follow-up, I had mentioned my favorite bike shop to the guy and he went in there and bought some stuff. While he was there he told them the story of the bike I bought: He just wanted some better wheels, so he bought the bike, took the wheels and put some really nasty wheels on it just to sell it. In my case, I just wanted a good frame; I have another bike that is in great shape except I crashed it and bent the frame. So this bike is being repeatedly recycled, which seems pretty damned green to me!

I found another bike on CL that I thought might have an even better frame, but when I got there, the bike looked like it had been stored in a rock hauler, like it has been purposely abused. He originally asked $75 but lowered it to $50 before I got there. I offered him $30, he said that, no, someone else was interested so he didn't think he had to lower the price. I turned and walked. The bike came up for sale again in a few days, so maybe he shoulda taken the bird in the hand.

Yeah, I know I low-balled the guy, but this bike was in much worse shape than it appeared in the picture, and I even came up to $40 before walking.

I've found a couple of bikes that looked truly great since then, but they must have sold quickly because I was never contacted.
posted by Doohickie 23 November | 21:25
I hate it when someone emails me, wanting to buy my stuff. I reply stating the terms or answering whatever question they've asked. THEN THEY REPLY ASKING ME WHICH AD WAS MINE ANYWAY?!?!?!

Hint: keep track of what ads you're replying to.

Hint 2: if you forget, you can search on the ad# (in the CL anon email address) to re-find the ad.

Hint 3: the anon email address is still sitting in the quoted parts of our email exchange.

Idiots, I swear.
posted by loiseau 23 November | 23:17
2. Don't respond to an ad by saying, "I'm really interested in your _________, but that's too far for me to drive. Thanks anyway."
See, that's so you say "well, for you, I'll deliver, since you're really interested!" I don't know if it ever works, but I'd assume it does once in a while or people wouldn't keep doing it.

I never use Buffalo craigslist, though. It's nothing but ad after ad for target and walmart furniture being sold by people who don't understand the concept of depreciation. I'm sure it was a lovely lamp and worth the $30 you paid five years ago. That doesn't mean it is worth $30 today.
posted by kellydamnit 23 November | 23:52
I hate the ones that will negotiate a certain price over email, and then try to talk you down after you help them load the stuff into their truck. wtf.

posted by special-k 24 November | 00:01
I actually got one of those scammers once, the kind that will offer you money via a check that you have to print yourself, only to have the bank hold you liable after it bounces. The giveaway on this one - Dude said he was buying my wedding gown - as a wedding present....hmmmm....

I did have success selling a ferret cage to a young girl, probably 12 or so. I let her talk me down $5. :)
posted by sakura 24 November | 14:16
Agh, thanks for reminding me why I hate selling stuff on CL.

Don't forget #4: I want cash for my item, not some random shit you've got stored in your attic that you want to barter away.
posted by jamaro 24 November | 14:34
Finally riding on an American made bike, a Cannondale via CL. Usual story, person buys v.expensive bike, never rides; sells for cheep. In my mind; it is almost as cool as a Harley...
posted by buzzman 24 November | 14:45
I need braising advice. || Do you like Elvis Costello? Or Feist? Or Willie Nelson?