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20 November 2008

posted by special-k 20 November | 21:30
I must now commit Cute seppuku. Ouch.
posted by mudpuppie 20 November | 21:35
There's a person in the pen! I think the dogs are getting food, they're going nuts.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 21:55
Where I work we've all been addicted to those little guys for a couple of weeks now. At first their legs were like little thumbs and rather than walking, they sort of swam through each other. Or dogpaddled, I guess.
posted by tangerine 20 November | 21:57
There's a person sitting in there hugging them!!! I want that job!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 21:59
I like it best when they're all sleepy twitchy-dreaming puppy piles. It's a soothing ocean of fuzz and the snuggle tide pulls them from one end of the bed to the other as they seek out the warmth of the others.
posted by wimpdork 20 November | 22:00
They're eating the Wee-Wee pads! Haaaaa!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 22:06
I forgot how freaking cute they are! Oh my gosh.
posted by unsurprising 20 November | 22:21
Do they leave the light on at all times? Do the puppies ever get to sleep in the dark?
posted by LoriFLA 20 November | 22:30
Awww, they're all exhausted now. Except for one of them, who's apparently wide awake.
posted by unsurprising 20 November | 22:34
I don't think dogs need dark to sleep. Mine doesn't.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 22:37
I've been watching Iguana Cam. I'd like my 5 hours back, please.
posted by Hellbient 20 November | 23:42
I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when they go to their new homes in ~2 weeks.
posted by jamaro 21 November | 00:52
They're leaving?! I guess it was inevitable, but where did you find that out?
posted by unsurprising 21 November | 01:32
Totally a guess extrapolated from the info on their ustream page, which says they "all have loving homes waiting for them" and the pups turned 6 weeks old last Tuesday.

Puppies tend to go to their new owners at 8 weeks, though some breeders keep would them around a few more weeks. This litter is weaned—haven't seen the mom in some time, they are eating kibble. It's important the litter stays together for a while longer (up to 12 weeks is awesome) but after that they need individual doghuman attention, bonding, and training.

(random sidenote: in California, where the puppies are located, it's against the law for puppies younger than 8 weeks to be transfered to a new owner).
posted by jamaro 21 November | 02:03
oy, let's try "some breeders would keep them around a few more"

posted by jamaro 21 November | 02:05
One of them pooped. Human came in to clean up the poop. This is apparently the most interesting thing the puppies have EVER seen.
posted by These Premises Are Alarmed 21 November | 10:47
Chinese Democracy is here. || "Ever get the feeling you've been buttered up?"