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17 November 2008

The Puppie family has expanded. [More:] After the week-long debate, we picked up a couple more chooks this weekend. They're so cute! I forgot how cute and gawky young chickens are. Every treat they find is new to them. They are starry-eyed about the yard full of grass. They found some sunflower seeds too yesterday and it made them peep like crazy.

One's Cinnamon Queen, the other's a White Rock. The White Rock is a worrier, but she's very cute. I didn't get a chance to take pictures this weekend, but here's a picture of their previous flock at their previous home. They're about 3 months old and would normally start laying in a month or so, but chickens don't lay much in the winter, so that's an open question.

And Chickpea. Well, Chickpea. I was so worried that after a lifetime of suffering Porkchop's bossiness, she'd succumb to the double-team. Oh god, was I wrong. She's made it clear that she's the boss, and not very nicely. She wants to be near the little ones, but then it's like she gets a revelation that Hey, they're eating my food! In my yard! and she chases them away. Then they find something else to eat and she chases them away from that too. They're terrified of her. Last night she wouldn't let them in the coop at bedtime. I had to put them in there myself after she fell asleep. I'm having to come into work early this week so that I can get home before dark and referee the nighty-night.

God, I hope they work this out. The little ones can't sleep in the yard -- they'd be owl/raccoon/cat food. Chickpea needs to shape up, but I'm not sure how to make that happen. I might have to build a separate nesting box inside the chicken run for the little ones and hope that Chickpea lets them sleep in it.

I mean, I like the little creatures an all, but I can't put them to bed every night for the rest of their lives.

Get over it, Chickpea!
P.S.: Is it totally wrong to name the white one Cracker?
posted by mudpuppie 17 November | 11:46
Yay, new pets!
I hope they settle in soon.

I keep thinking about getting my bunny a friend since I'm gone for so much of the day, but the things I've read seem mixed about whether they'd rather be alone.
posted by rmless2 17 November | 12:05
Oh that's so funny - Chickpea the queen bee! I do hope they work it out soon - but it's so nice to hear that you have new additions to your flock. I've always wanted chickens!
posted by mightshould 17 November | 12:14
Bocka Bock Bock, little chicks! Welcome to your new home.
posted by jrossi4r 17 November | 12:21
I don't know. The image of you tucking the chicks in every night is kind of appealing. Especially with The Hat.
posted by crush-onastick 17 November | 12:49
Yes. Whichever one of you goes out to tend the chickens, The Hat is pretty much mandatory. . .
posted by danf 17 November | 12:56
If I'd only kept the hat, I could use IT as a nesting box. Lord knows it was big enough.
posted by mudpuppie 17 November | 13:07
Chickpea's been possessed by the spirit of the late Porkchop which is manifesting itself by making her act all feisty.

You need an exorcist! Begone, o spirit of Porkchop!
posted by essexjan 17 November | 13:09
Pls name one your chickens "Fishface". Tks.
posted by mullacc 17 November | 14:34
Yay for new chooks!

I keep trying to talk the mister into some but he ain't budging.

(I'm very sorry for your loss of Porkchop, I must have missed that thread.)
posted by deborah 17 November | 15:04
Parmigiana is a great name for chicken.
posted by King of Prontopia 17 November | 16:03
Bad, KoP, bad!

Welcome, chookens! Pull your head in, Chickpea, and take them under your wing.
posted by goo 17 November | 17:31
Cracker is okay for a name. Why not?
Congrats on the new kids. Hope it all works itself out.
posted by MonkeyButter 17 November | 18:47
Do you tuck them in with blankies and sing them songs though?
posted by gomichild 17 November | 18:50

Where does one go to get chickens?

And that's a great flock pic.
posted by tangerine 17 November | 20:15
If you've already got Chickpea, it seems only right that the Tahini and Lemon are nearby.
posted by Triode 17 November | 20:36
Tahini and Lemon! Hah!

Congrats, pupps... I hope you don't have to put Chickpea on chickyprozac!
posted by taz 18 November | 00:37
Chickies! Congratulations!

Poultryhelp to the rescue!

We used to get chicks and ducklings and other -ings in the mail, actually. We'd get them when they were a few days old and keep them in the house until they got their feathers on them. Then they'd be outside in their own cage until they got some size on them. The bigger fowl would get used to them and then they'd be let loose.

posted by lysdexic 18 November | 04:31
I'd like to talk about product placement. || Yummy mummies!