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15 November 2008

Is this one of those role-playing game things? Because, you know, it might all end very badly indeed if they get married.
posted by essexjan 15 November | 11:35
Yeah, EVE Online is an MMO set in space, and the players' "avatars" are spaceships. The only way to acquire a corpse in EVE is to "kill" another player and then drag that dead player's body into your ship's cargo hold. If you're a vicious, blood-thirsty pirate (and EVE is filled with them), then you might "kill" four or five players in a night's worth of gaming. What this guy is asked her to do is to go on a killing spree that would take literally YEARS to complete. Unless she's able to get other pirates to help!

I play EVE, but only lackadaisically. I may just get out there and shoot some folks to help her cause, though... even though the chances are good that I'd end up being one of the corpses adding to her tally.
posted by BitterOldPunk 15 November | 11:57
Is it bad that this makes me think of fairy tale romance? You know, the ones where the girl tells the king to make her a cloak of the skin of a thousand animals or a dress brighter than the sun?

Which is to say, one of those stories where the father is trying to force his daughter to marry him and she's stalling as best she can. Um. Yeeeeah, maybe not the best relationship model.
posted by Fuzzbean 15 November | 12:19
Sounds like a great title for an album.

Speaking of which, are there any bands that have ditched the whole idea of albums, now that the Internet allows them to release songs in whatever format they like, one song at a time, fifty songs at a time?

Just curious.

posted by jason's_planet 15 November | 13:34
I will marry you when you bring me a starship filled with corpses.

Aaaaaand now I'm done writing my vows. Dunno what The Fella's half of the ceremony will sound like, though.
posted by Elsa 15 November | 16:37
It's like The Retarded Gift of the Space Magi.
posted by cortex 15 November | 17:32
Yaknow, I think it's kind of cute. It is like an epic quest; "ah fair maiden if you want to marry you must first ....." And she's so totally going to do it. :))
posted by dabitch 16 November | 12:05
Natural camouflage. || Anyone written widgets and/or Facebook apps before?