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15 November 2008

Christmas Music! I just rechecked all my Christmas/winter/holiday music in iTunes. I held off for as long as I could.[More:]

I'm now procrastinating writing a paper and instead putting together my Christmas 2008 mix, comprised of normal Christmas music, Christmas mashups, and a ton of stuff from the Suburban Sprawl Christmas albums (I HIGHLY recommend you check this stuff out, I probably linked to it last year. It's all free!). Later tonight I plan on hanging up my Christmas tree lights.

What Christmas songs are your favorites?
Do we still have a radio station or did that get shut down?

And can anyone tell me why there are two "Christmas Time is Here (Instrumental)" tracks in the A Charlie Brown Christmas album? I'm very confused. One is about four minutes long, and the other is six. But they're both instrumentals. Which one is better? Maybe I'll have to flip a coin.
Too soon!!!!
posted by chillmost 15 November | 15:15
It's never too soon for Christmas music! I finally gave into temptation and started listening to Christmas music earlier this week. Although it's a little hard to get into the spirit since it's 90 degrees in Los Angeles today...
posted by charleena 15 November | 15:18
Bah, December 25 is too soon for Christmas music.
posted by octothorpe 15 November | 15:54
My favorite all-time Christmas song is "O Holy Night"

My new favorite is "How to Make Eggnog" -- thanks CitrusFreak12 ;-D
posted by WolfDaddy 15 November | 15:56
I will forever stand by the Cocteau Twins' version of "Frosty the Snowman" as just about the only Christmas song I can say I truly love. Liz Fraser could sing a grocery list (and probably has...!) and I'd buy it.
posted by mykescipark 15 November | 16:04
posted by rhapsodie 15 November | 17:00
Nobody's making you guys listen to Christmas music or read this post, y'know.
posted by CitrusFreak12 15 November | 17:43
My favorite Christmas songs are (with downloads!):

Jingle Bell Rock

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
The Brenda Lee version is the best, but I also love the Amy Grant version.

The Christmas Song


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I think I'm going to be in a very festive mood this year. I'm actually looking forward to putting my tree up and doing some holiday activities.

Good luck with your mix, CF.
posted by LoriFLA 15 November | 19:06
I like Christmas music, except that it reminds me of the winter that I worked at Blimpie and the owner made us put on the radio station that played a heavy rotation of Christmas songs made in the last 20-25 years. By my third or fourth shift of that, I was definitely not ¨sim-ply hav-ing a wonderful Christmastime¨. It did, however, really soften the blow when we found out that the store was closing and we were all getting laid off.

Also: Jingle Bell Rock by Hall and Oates - a pretty good song and great ¨acting¨ in the video.
posted by concrete 15 November | 23:49
Nobody's making you guys listen to Christmas music ...

You're kidding, right? You can't go into a single store or restaurant during the month before xmas without being assaulted by Christmas music.
posted by octothorpe 15 November | 23:51
Do NOT forget Jingle Rock Bell. [ytmnd] We have a special responsibility here.
posted by stilicho 16 November | 02:19
Octothorpe: Touché.

Stilicho: Already got it! I've made my friends listen to it for the past 3-4 years. I still find it hysterical. It's number 13 out of 28 tracks. :P
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 November | 03:19
No God Jesus, fuck Christmas music. Compared to that shit, filling out my tax return feels like a blowjob from a silk sock.
posted by trondant 16 November | 05:38
Ok. Can we please knock it off with the negative comments? Or should I just leave comments in your threads that squash whatever good mood you had been in, and that way we'd be even?

If you feel compelled to vent your displeasure over Christmas music (and who knows, I might if I weren't isolated from stores and malls, who are no doubt decorated for Christmas and playing Christmas music), maybe make your own thread about it.

Or, hell, y'know what? Let's just lock it up.
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 November | 10:15
I'll try again next month.
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 November | 10:15
Here's a song for you, CF: Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne Shante and MC Shan, billed as the Cold Chillin' Juice Crew: 'Cold Chillin' Christmas.'
posted by box 16 November | 11:54
The classic hip-hop Christmas song, though, is Run-DMC's 'Christmas in Hollis,' which makes great use of a sample from Clarence Carter's 'Back Door Santa.'

And, hey, why not--here are a couple more holiday songs.
Otis Redding - Merry Christmas Baby
Donny Hathaway - This Christmas
The Temptations - Silent Night
posted by box 16 November | 12:09
Holy crap, I love Christmas.
posted by msali 16 November | 12:15
Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means to Me
Jackson 5 - Christmas Won't Be the Same This Year
Corporal Blossom - White Christmas
posted by box 16 November | 12:23
Box has saved this thread, I think.
I've got a bunch of indie christmas music and christmas mashups, but I'm missing some of the more "classic" cliche Christmas songs. Thanks.

For those of you looking to jam screwdrivers in your ears, I've created this thread. Come complain about the capitalistic exploitation of seasonal holidays with me!
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 November | 12:35
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