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14 November 2008

Soup Wars Attack Ads [More:]Maybe I've just been watching too much daytime television lately, but it seems like, inspired by the election, Campbells and Progresso have entered into attack ad territory.

It started with one claiming that the other used MSG in their soup. Then the other hit back with "Nuh-uh you do." Now Progresso is claiming that they have more soups without MSG than Campbells. Campbells followed up saying that they make more soups without MSG than Progresso even makes.

Can we soon expect Progresso to claim that Campbells supports terrorists?
I noticed this too when in a Progressive commercial Campbelss was described as a child's soup but if you want to look like a like a grown-up Progressive is better.

I would love it if these two got really nasty to eachother. It would be very entertaining.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 November | 08:21
Campbells: Wrong on noodles, wrong for America.
posted by middleclasstool 14 November | 08:53
Progresso: their chicken stock is made by godless Americans.
posted by msali 14 November | 09:35
I hear that Progresso has grainy surveillance-cam footage of Bill Ayres eating Campbell's® Chunky™ Soup.
posted by lukemeister 14 November | 10:38
Campbell's has footage of Cindy McCain wolfing down Progresso's minestrone, right before she kissed that long haired stranger.
posted by msali 14 November | 11:33
In NC, the campbells ad shows a grainy image of non-god-fearing female person eating progresso and denying the existence of god.

Politics can be personal down South, y'all.
posted by mightshould 14 November | 11:39
I've seen the ads, and I'd like to weigh in on this.

I have tried Campbell's "Select Harvest" or whatever it's called. The one without MSG. Only I didn't realize it had no MSG in it at the time, I only noticed it tasted like a mix between "nothing" and cardboard. I couldn't be bothered to finish eating it. I looked at the label to figure out why it tasted so bad, and sure enough, "no msg."

This is a selling point? Seriously? What year is it? There's nothing dangerous or unhealthy about MSG, despite what you may have heard back in the day, and advertising that your product does not contain it is like slapping a sticker on your product that says "lacks flavor."

I gave the rest of my soup to a friend, and went back to my room and heated up a can of Progresso. It tasted much better, and surprise surprise, it contained MSG.

It's funny, because Campbell's Chunky soup, marketed most likely at MACHO MEN ("SOUP THAT EATS LIKE A MEAL") is savory and delicious. Why? Because it contains MSG! MSG makes things taste better. If I wanted to avoid eating MSG, I would just simply not eat canned soup or similar instant products (I'm looking at you, oh delicious but with less-nutrition-than-a-Happy-Meal Ramen Noodles).

Interesting NYT article on MSG I had bookmarked earlier this year.

posted by CitrusFreak12 14 November | 11:40
I wanted to work in the soup nazi so I could godwin the thread, but alas, I don't have it in me.
posted by -t 14 November | 12:18
You know who else liked soup?
posted by pompomtom 16 November | 00:40
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