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14 November 2008

Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction. Also, books I have read recently. I got two wisdom teeth out today. I got the IV sedation, so I didnīt feel it much then, but itīs getting a little uncomfortable now. Iīve got percocet, benzocaine lozenges, and a ton of vitamin water, though, so I should be okay. Iīve got 3 days of SIQ and 2 days of LLD to recover. [More:]

I just finished reading I love you, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle. I thought it was funny but probably could have used another pass or two by the editor (it seemed like he was trying a little too hard to be funny). I still enjoyed it but I liked the last book I read , The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta a lot better, though he probably could have done more with the subject matter.

Now Iīve got Persepolis, Flight by Sherman Alexie, and a big stack of books from Taschenīs Basic Art series on the to-read pile. I might re-read Blankets too.
When I had mine out, my brother advised me to watch Willy Wonka while on painkillers. He was right. It was trippy.
posted by mudpuppie 14 November | 17:29
*I* didn't get Percocet when I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once. Hmph. Nevertheless, I'd recommend watching Tron.
posted by WolfDaddy 14 November | 17:32
Iīll have to try that. My dad really liked Orange County when he hurt his back playing golf and they gave him painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Status update: latest percocet kicked in. Scratch the above about it getting uncomfortable.

Also, has anybody else seen Orange Heights High? Iīm finishing it up right now and itīs pretty good.
posted by concrete 14 November | 17:33
Geez. Five days? I remember going out dancing the night after (four badly impacted WT) but I was 18 and my pain threshold is apparently way above average (i.e., one (reluctant) day of Vicodin after knee surgery).

OTOH, milking recovery for more reading time isn't a bad stratergy, either. Might have to change my tough-guy (eye-roll) persona in for a momma's boy.

I'm re-reading Pillars of the Earth, on wife's Kindle and enjoying both.
posted by trinity8-director 14 November | 18:57
Percocet might be the right drug to do the Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd mix.
posted by trinity8-director 14 November | 19:15
Bite down on Moist peppermint tea bags. Keeps your mouth from tasting like blood, gives your sore gums something to press into that isn't your other sore gums. Heal well!
posted by jessamyn 14 November | 23:03
That sounds like good advice. Thank you.
posted by concrete 14 November | 23:20
My wisdom tooth story is this: before the surgery I heard all these stories about what you couldn't eat for days after you got your wisdom teeth out. it seemed like a lot of things were prohibited. So I asked the doc "I've heard there are things you can't eat...what shouldn't I eat?" And he smiled and said "You can eat aaaaanything you want to!"

Which, in retrospect, was totally true. You just really don't want to.

Hope you heal up fast. I like Sherman Alexie a lot - report back on how the book is!
posted by Miko 14 November | 23:31
Oh, I pity you! I hope your healing goes well and pain-free. I had a hard time, myself -- all four were almost 90 degrees to the jaw, and I had the HUGE chipmunk cheeks and was out of work for a week.

I also got the dreaded "dry socket", which was absolutely and without question the worst part of the whole ordeal. Don't disturb your clots! (Probably the first time I've ever said those words together in a sentence.)

Take it easy! Be lazy and kind to yourself!
posted by loiseau 15 November | 11:21
loiseau, yours sound a lot worse than mine - the two on the top never grew in for me, and only one was at 90 degrees. I literally went straight from the hospital to Waffle House and ate a triple plate of hashbrowns with chili, cheese, and jalapenos. That may have had a lot to do with the drugs they used (nitrous oxide and three painkillers, including fentanyl), though - about six hours later I discovered that Iīd burned the hell out of my mouth and hadnīt even noticed. Iīm lucky I got it done here - the guys who got them taken out at boot camp only got a half-assed application of novocaine.

Way ahead of you on the laziness - my roommate just came back with ice cream and it was the biggest event of the day.
posted by concrete 15 November | 23:23
oh I got the chipmunk cheeks which turned blue, green and yellow and a knock-me-out-cold fever since I got some sort of inflammation going.

All liquids and only liquids, rediscovered how much I like nyponsoppa and peppermint tea while watching 2001 and Alien slightly stoned off the fever itself. (Not reccommended by the way). Sucking on cold teabags is so nice, do that! Avoid pulped juices. GET WELL SOON and I really hope you don't get the chipmunk cheeks.
posted by dabitch 16 November | 06:24
My cheeks are puffed out low but not high, so I kind of look like a bulldog.
posted by concrete 16 November | 12:48
Also, good when youīre stoned on fever: listening to some classic Traffic tracks. At least, thatīs how it worked for me after my appendectomy.
posted by concrete 16 November | 12:59
stynxno is doing the 365 Photo Challenge || Pre-MST3K Joel Hodgson on the HBO Young Comedian's Special