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12 November 2008

I just checked my email and got my hopes up I had 17 new emails in my inbox. Comments on my website.[More:]

Of course, they're all spam.

Don't think anyone reads my website. *sighs, and wanders along the street, kicking up dust, and shuffling my feet*
Sometimes I read my spam.
posted by loiseau 13 November | 00:11
Unfortunately, these weren't even interesting bits of spam.

It was all just really boring spam - random letters and crappy links that will probably take me to malware pages.

Interesting spam would be something, but this, this was nothing.
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 00:30
Guh comment spam sucks ARSE. I use ExpressionEngine with extra bits which cuts it down a lot. Still bugs me though.

(no blog linky?)
posted by gomichild 13 November | 00:54
I didn't want to be all GO LOOK AT MY WEBSITE-y! but this is the site.
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 01:03

I assume you have the Akismet plugin for WP going....
posted by gomichild 13 November | 01:55
since when do you know about WP stuff, gomi?
posted by es el queso 13 November | 02:38
Since I kicked it to the curb after wrangling with it for MONTHS.
posted by gomichild 13 November | 02:41
Was it good spam? I got spam for Bingo products a while back. My life = pure excitement. Obviously.
posted by ninazer0 13 November | 03:08
Nope, boring spam. Strings of random letters, and links to golf clubs or something, I didn't go to any of the links.

Got a spam email the other day with a 'link' to "Brack Obama" having sex. Cos the obvious misspelling didn't kind of give away the fact that the email wasn't quite legitimate.
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 07:46
I got a lovely email the other day from a gentleman who assured me I could get the best price on a Rolex through him. I'll pass it along if anyone's in the marketfor a watch.
posted by loiseau 13 November | 11:02
I've gotten some creative variants on the 419 Nigerian scam lately. It seems to have emigrated.
posted by stilicho 13 November | 15:11
Me to, stilicho. For a long time I just got tons and tons of "Blessed Sir, Please to Be Helping with my Inheritance," but I've got some awesome ones recently.

My favorite is the one that claims the Nigerian government is refunding any money taken in a scam.
posted by muddgirl 13 November | 15:16
Belatedly - Er - that wasn't that I didn't want you guys checking it all out... I just didn't want to come across as that I was only writing this to plug the site.

I like the ones telling me that they really like my profile and want to go out with me, and send me lots of photos of themselves. They are interesting. :)
posted by jonathanstrange 13 November | 16:13
This "Overheard in New York" item || Bunny!