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10 November 2008

Where is your picture of Stalin hanging? [More:]Pride of place, up above the mantelpiece?

This interests me because I already had a plan in place before stumbling upon this bit of news. I am hanging my picture of Stalin along with Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, and anyone else who makes it onto my shit list, down low and right below the toilet.

I haven't done it yet because my current bathroom is too small and the shower will get them all moldy. But some day soon...
No Stalin -- horrible stache -- but I do have a small photo of Lenin here: much cooler.
posted by matteo 10 November | 09:36
Old Soviet posters are pretty cool also.
posted by matteo 10 November | 09:37
Meatbomb: Heh. Better make sure your next bathroom has nice big walls and a toilet on a pedestal, just in case.
posted by elizard 10 November | 09:57
...the shower will get them all moldy.

Where is the courage of your convictions?
posted by StickyCarpet 10 November | 11:50
Stalin didn't hang, he had a cerebral hemorrage :P
posted by rmless2 10 November | 12:05
I use him for one of my avatars. Does that count? I also have a tarot deck with his face on the Devil trump.

Also, Children of the Revolution was an awesome movie.
posted by Eideteker 10 November | 12:10
Martin Amis wrote about this issue in Koba the Dread. I think Stalin and Russian Communism got off more lightly in terms of general regard partly because the Communist ideals aren't inherently evil the way the Hitler/Nazi ideals of the supreme Aryan race and extermination of lesser races are.

Oddly, Stalin admired Hitler's anti-Semetic stance so much he adopted it. Before the 1940s Jewish Russians weren't specifically targeted. Statistically speaking they died at the same rate as the general Russian population. Stalin began targeting them, and before his underlings bumped him off he was planning a massive purge of the Jews.
posted by Orange Swan 10 November | 12:32
On the lighter side, some really old guy told me the story of how he helped to construct the biggest neon sign ever built, a gigantic portrait of Stalin in Russia.

Stalin was standing next to them when they nervously switched it on. After a few seconds the huge mustache began to flicker with a zapping sound. The story teller cringed, half expecting to be dragged off to be tortured.

After what seemed an interminable silence, Stalin let out a big belly laugh. Phew!
posted by StickyCarpet 10 November | 14:33
I have several books with pictures of Stalin in (or on) them.
posted by Daniel Charms 10 November | 15:05
We have tart cards on display in our bathroom. We have hundreds. I'll make a collage out of the girls one day, probably grouped according to skin colour (maybe as a rainbow, but that's a bit cliche). I feel a bit bad about collecting them though - am I stealing food out of their mouths by taking their cards from the phone box? It's a dilemma.

Eide I'd totally forgotten about that movie and I really enjoyed it (and yay for Australian film)!
posted by goo 11 November | 20:38
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