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10 November 2008

The Thread in which We Discuss Rachel Getting Married. . .Spoilers. . . We went to see this on saturday[More:]. Inexplicably, it was only playing in the little art theater in town, and even then it was on the smaller screen (What Just Happened was on the larger. . go figure.)

The 5pm showing was full and we had to sit in the second row in a very small theater.

For this movie, big mistake. The way it was shot, mostly handheld, constantly moving, claustrophobic, made me seasick. We were in the middle of the row, and I did not have a graceful way of leaving, so I mostly had my head down, eyes closed, sitting there sweating.

(I cannot go on carnival rides, or even a swing or merry-go-round for that reason, although I never have had any problems on boats of any kind.)

All that said, the movie was GREAT!. The relationship arcs are messy and confusing, people do not act in a linear fashion, no one emerges totally happy or unhappy, and while everyone gets through the wedding, more or less OK, life is hard and that is not going to change.

I look forward to renting it so I can see more of it.
Oof, sorry about the seasickness. More or less OK? OK? Wow - we thought they were mostly pretty broken.

The Debra Winger scene was a grand slam, yeah? I hope you could watch that part.
posted by rainbaby 10 November | 11:14
Thank you rainbaby. I recovered in about an hour but it put the kibosh on further plans for the evening.

I saw that scene, and I loved that the mother and Kym never really connected after that, and Kym sorta wanted to and sorta didn't want to. And the general havoc that an addict causes, traveling through life.

And moments of unconditional love, which are wonderful while going on, but they never "fix" anything.
posted by danf 10 November | 11:21
I thought it was brilliant, particularly since the early news of this movie (when it was known as "Dancing With Shiva") looked like it would be a standard-issue dark comedy. Instead, we got a very honest view of an entirely likely family. And Anne Hathaway was just incredible.

This was made all the more evident by someone's genius idea to place a trailer for "Bride Wars" (starring Hathaway and a badly coifed Kate Hudson) at the top of this film's ad stack. "Bride Wars" looks like everything that your average marketing-driven wedding movie strives to be: petty, short-sighted and very materialistic, while reinforcing the notion that women must always be more concerned with their actual wedding day than they ever will be about their fiance, their future or their own dignity.

In other words, "Bride Wars" is the opposite of "Rachel Getting Married."
posted by grabbingsand 10 November | 12:58
I saw it last night. My sister and I drove to Downtown Disney, an hour and a half drive, to see it. (We went to Wolfgang Puck's"Dining Room" as well which is right across from the theater. As we has expected, the food was decent, but overpriced and predictable.)

I agree, danf, the camera work was shaky. I'm glad they didn't do the shaky hand-held thing for every scene.

I thought it was great. I cried. I loved the music and the house. Some scenes were irritating and uncomfortable but I'm glad I saw them. Anne Hathaway was fantastic.
posted by LoriFLA 10 November | 18:39
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