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10 November 2008

I just love her Canadesque intonation, how everything seems sort of question-like?

I would like to nominate Jessamyn C. West for the position of "Coolest Person on the Internet".
posted by Meatbomb 10 November | 13:34
... but I don't understand the part about "and then put your screen away, and then do your other life stuff"... I never get to this step, is there something that I am missing out? Could anyone provide a relevant link or RSS feed to this stuff?
posted by Meatbomb 10 November | 13:37
Seriously, someone will need to explain this "other life" thing to me, too.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 November | 14:00
Nice! Jessamyn, you look very pretty in this video. Good choice of shirt and jewelry. Everything a rosy glow!
posted by Miko 10 November | 14:40
cool, thanks TPS. My boss took me out to lunch today and we wound up chatting about the Denver MeFi meetup in which Jessamyn figured prominently. I can't think of a better link to give him to articulate just how important it was for the Denver contingent to get to finally meet her.
posted by lonefrontranger 10 November | 15:08
Great video! Very flattering!

But you can count me in as one of the doomy-gloomy people who are not happy with the blurring of the work/life boundary.
posted by jason's_planet 10 November | 16:26
Next up: the metafilter podcast will turn into a videocast. Jessamyn adds a whole commentary subtext using her eyebrows!
That information is lost otherwise. :-)

I had never heard of bigthink. So I think the honour is theirs.

posted by jouke 10 November | 16:56
i don't think people understand the digital divide from urban to rural nearly enough.
posted by ethylene 10 November | 18:39
Very cool.
posted by gomichild 10 November | 19:41
Yay! Nice video. Jessamyn is the only person I've met who has their own wikipedia article, I think.
posted by CitrusFreak12 10 November | 19:45
This is raising the bar for cortex's shirt and jewelry when he gets his 15 minutes of fame. I know he doesn't wear pants.
posted by lukemeister 10 November | 23:15
I like when jessamyn does voices. They all kind of sound the same, but it's a good same.
posted by ColdChef 11 November | 09:47
I like watching her eyebrows - very expressive.
posted by plinth 12 November | 14:33
WTF is going on on Long Island? || The Killers cover a Cyndi Lauper song.