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09 November 2008

Ray of Gob: Madonna + the Sex Pistols. I've had this mashup in my MP3 player for so long that when I listen to "Never Mind The Bollocks..." like I've done a lot this weekend, I find myself almost disappointed that this song isn't on it.
Funny, I have that too (in fact I think I found it here on mecha or was tipped off in some way here). Best mashup fit ever.
posted by dabitch 09 November | 08:08
Thanks for this, I didn't have it. I like it! Let me take this opportunity to give you DJ Earworm if you don't already follow his stuff. I especially like Promiscuous Lola. Mmmmm, Sarah Vaughan.
posted by WolfDaddy 09 November | 11:04
Oh wow, this is a treasure trove, WolfDaddy... thanks!
posted by BoringPostcards 09 November | 12:21
"Ray of Gob" has been one of my faves for a while too. It's been a while since I sought out new bastard pop mixes, but I'm itching to hear some new ones. Usually it seems like I have to listen to a dozen mediocre and/or one-joke mashups until I get to one that stands up as an actual song worthy of repeated listens. But when you find that one great one, it makes the search totally worth it. I still play the three mixdiscs of bastard pop I made a few years ago on a regular basis.

The best part of the mash-up is knowing both/all songs mashed up, but quite often the mash-ups revolve around at least one current dance radio hut, which I don't follow at all. I still get a little confused now when I hear a song by Missy Elliott, Kelis, Justin Timberlake, etc and it doesn't blend into Bauhaus, XTC, or the Jam.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 09 November | 16:01
You're welcome, BP. I really like his stuff, because for the most part it's more slow tempo that many other mashups out there. I also like Cold Sweat quite a bit. It's slow, orchestral, and really sexy. The source page contains quite a tutorial on mashup construction. For some reason, I think I got to this page via mathowie, but I can't remember the circumstances.
posted by WolfDaddy 09 November | 18:46
Politics at the barbershop. || Bunny! OMG!