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07 November 2008

completely shallow fashion-related Friday post, come inside for girly-talk! [More:]

Dear MeCha, I have a dilemma, and it is thus:

Jeans: to cuff, or not to cuff? Y'see, I have some adorable heeled mules on, that go super with my snazzy placed-argyle knee sox (the placing goes up the back like a backseam, so cute!)... and my impulse is to cuff the jeans up to show off the placing (and the shoes!)

And yet, part of me feels that cuffing is a bit "too young" a style for me (college freshman much?), and also that the high cuff on the jean thing has gotten a little passe' (although this is Colorado, not Madison Ave, so passe' tends to be a tad less fraught in this region) Plus I think perhaps that the line of the jeans (bootcut) looks better sans cuff, at least on my legs.

Hmm. Thoughts?
I can't deal with abstracts. I'd have to see it to give you an honest opinion.
What works for one person might not work for another.

"Plus I think perhaps that the line of the jeans (bootcut) looks better sans cuff, at least on my legs."

If that's what you think, then go with it!
posted by CitrusFreak12 07 November | 11:02
I can't deal with abstracts...

hrm. yea I can see your dilemma I guess. sadly I can't upload anything on the work machine. Perhaps I'll snap some pics tonight when I get home.

*snorgles CitrusFreak12* How's school going, bro?
posted by lonefrontranger 07 November | 11:08
Your instincts are correct: it is both too young and passe to cuff one's jeans to show off ones socks. And it will look messy to cuff a jean with a leg that widens. If you bought a cropped jean, however, I think wearing it with the socks would be OK.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 November | 11:10
Yeah, cuffing is not something you should be doing. There's a reason that Katie Holmes got a lot of crap for it when she tried doing this earlier this summer. Lots of women do cuff but it only works if the cuff is thin, the jeans cropped to begin with, and if you're under the age of 25 and the rest of your look is extremely sharp and put together. If you don't meet those requirements, cuffing is only allowed if you're crossing a major stream or river in a rain storm.

And if you really want to show off your socks, wear a knee high or mid shin dress. But I only know a few women and men who can pull this off - and most of them are required to dress this way for professional reasons. Once you get past a certain age, this look becomes less about a person looking good and more about a person trying to look like their still in their early 20s. And nothing looks worse than a person trying to look like they're still in college (because, lets face it, even people in college should not dress like they are in college - no one needs that much fleece, sandals, shorts, bad facial hair, glasses, untucked, stained clothing).
posted by stynxno 07 November | 11:20
Sometimes bootcut jeans don't even widen past the knee, though.

I wouldn't do it, although I would wear mules and argyle socks with a skirt or long shorts.
posted by muddgirl 07 November | 11:22
Agreed w/ the no cuffs comments above. But, this leaves you with something to plan for future wearings - go with a skirt!

Hmm, I need to start a question thread about my fashion issue...
posted by mightshould 07 November | 11:37
I would not cuff because cuffing only chops your legs and negates the long, lean line. I'm always striving for the long, lean line, so I wouldn't cuff.

Try a straight or A-line skirt, that comes to the mid-knee, in courdoroy or wool with a close fitting turtleneck. Keep the outfit muted and sophisticated so when paired with argyle it will look more cool than cutesy.

On that note, I would probably not wear argyle knee socks at all because I am boring, scared,
and old.
posted by LoriFLA 07 November | 11:50
TPS and stynxno, thank you for confirming what I suspected.

However, I do have a fantastic hunter green corduroy a-line skirt, so now all I need is the perfect jacket to go with.

LoriFLA - close-fitting turtlenecks!! I KNEW there was something else I needed to shop for. I love fine knit tailored t-necks for fall/winter and sadly, seem to have none atm. BTW I started collecting argyle kneesox to go with all my various 3/4 messenger knicks. Yea okay it's trite, but I've been told over and over that it's a great look on me. I love my argyle sox (and tights!), and am attempting to branch them out into more applications.
posted by lonefrontranger 07 November | 12:13
Oh, tights - that's what I need to know about! I love them for keeping warm, but never know what color to wear with things. What combinations work best?
posted by mightshould 07 November | 12:24
If you try out the outfit, take pix... I want to see!
posted by taz 07 November | 12:27
Well, Katie didn't get guff so much for cuffing her jeans as much as for pegging her jeans, which was a late 80s/very early 90s fashion phenomenon that we do not need to return.

Still, you can't really cuff a bootleg. Even if you make it happen, they won't hold the fold for long and they look pretty dorky. So no cuffs!

Also, I am in love with these tights.
posted by jrossi4r 07 November | 12:55
The big colors I've seen this fall are yellow tights with purple shoes (or skirt) and purple tights in place of black ones (so basically, with everything). Also wearing pastel tights in place of white ones (but then again I never wear white tights).
posted by muddgirl 07 November | 12:59
I avoid cuffing unless I'm going for a very specific 50sish rockabilly look, with the retro heels, red lipstick, the whole deal. Otherwise it just feels too early 90s to me.
posted by kellydamnit 07 November | 13:06
Socks and heeled mules? Sounds a little ol' lady-ish to me. I think I need photos, too.
posted by deborah 07 November | 13:18
Well I'll be the contrarian and say that it all depends on your body, the pants and the outfit plus your personal style and your comfort. I sometimes cuff, sometimes I don't. But then I don't really care about what Katie Holmes does either. If I think it looks cute, I wear it.

If you are the type to throw fashion caution to the wind, I say do it -- as long as YOU like it.
posted by loiseau 07 November | 13:32
loiseau's right, of course.
posted by muddgirl 07 November | 13:55
deborah - yeah, I see where you could interpret it that way. These are a fine-knit "trouser sock" material, tho. Essentially the same material as the recent trend for microfibre or lycra tights. A much better fall/winter option than sheer or bare legs imp.

fine-knit and patterned knee (and otk, and thigh-high) sox with flippy / tweedy / preppy skirts are a pretty big trend right now as far as I can tell.

just y'all wait 'til I whip out the backseamed tights with the pencil skirt and peplum jacket, tho.
posted by lonefrontranger 07 November | 13:55
and on review: yeah loiseau, I've pretty much determined that these particular jeans look best left alone.

also, a definition / clarification: this is a cuff I'm talking about, not a peg. I've never had any problems with bootcut (not bellbottom, mind) jeans holding a single-turn folded cuff.

That said I have crop jeans that would look much better with the combo. It was simply too cold out to wear them this AM.
posted by lonefrontranger 07 November | 13:58
Bootcut jean's don't cuff well, but you could wear cropped pants or better yet, a skirt that shows more sock!
posted by rmless2 07 November | 14:02
I regularly have to cuff my jeans out of necessity because my legs are too short, and I hate it. Don't cuff unless you have to. It also distracts from the cuteness of the mules.
posted by casarkos 07 November | 15:04
Whether or not boot-cut jeans can cuff attractively depends on so many things, but especially what your definition of "cuff" is. I don't wear shorts in summer, so I fold up my jeans to mid-calf height instead, and I think it looks cute. The cuff is probably 10cm or something, folded twice or so. You can't do that with anything narrower than boot-cut, because it won't fit well on the calf.

Y'all are such absolutists!

Anyway: Casarkos, you can hem jeans without it being apparent, or you can get it done by a pro pretty cheaply.
posted by loiseau 07 November | 16:05
Yeah, I'm with the no-cuff camp. I'm really short and I cut off the bottom of my jeans when I have to. Or just wear skirts!
posted by Specklet 07 November | 16:08
Get some of this in a matching argyle and you will really tie the look together.

Trust me.
posted by danf 07 November | 16:53
Schools good, dude. Can't complain, much.
It seems you have your answer, everyone here seems pretty much completely anti-cuffing. :/
posted by CitrusFreak12 07 November | 19:06
Just a heads up - winter shorts are all the rage this year in Tokyo - and some of them are knee length.
posted by gomichild 07 November | 19:50
...Do I want to know what "winter shorts" are?
Because I'm afraid my mind will explode.
posted by CitrusFreak12 07 November | 22:58
They did the rounds in 2006.
posted by gomichild 08 November | 00:58
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