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06 November 2008

What's your new favourite thing? Mine is ONION SALT. Yum yum yum.
My new MacBook!

Also - Lychee flavoured Hi-Chew Asian lollies.

Also - President Elect Obama!
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 03:54
Where can one get these Hi-Chews?

Man, I'm more English-ified than I thought: I spelled it "favoUrite" without even thinking.
posted by Specklet 06 November | 04:02
I get them at Asian Grocery stores.

and YAY for the spelling of favourite too! I didn't even notice until you mentioned it
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 04:33
Heh hi-chu....
posted by gomichild 06 November | 07:06
Oh yeah, I've had those! Green apple flavour mmmmm... They're just the right kind of chewy.
posted by Specklet 06 November | 07:21
Water organs.
posted by box 06 November | 07:45
Not too long ago I heard a story on NPR about bacon salt.

My new favorite thing is a Wisteria catalog I got in the mail yesterday. Such beautiful things at such high prices!
posted by LoriFLA 06 November | 07:54
The shiny, bald faced fear in the faces of racists.
The spastic hostility and screaming i could do without.
posted by ethylene 06 November | 08:18
CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara (Black).

posted by rainbaby 06 November | 08:38
posted by sperose 06 November | 09:26
Onion salt is pretty good but it wouldn't win out over Old Bay if I had room only for one.
posted by Wolfdog 06 November | 09:53
OMG, rainbaby is ANTM!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 November | 10:33
Veronica Mars

The best part are the numerous quotes from the Big Lebowski. Note to future TV writers: have your characters quote Lebowski and you've won me over.
posted by mullacc 06 November | 10:41
My house. My goddam house, motherfuckers.

Though Fallout 3 and a post-unwilling-to-elect-a-black-man-president nation are both pretty good too.
posted by cortex 06 November | 11:06
mullacc, the Lebowski references get better toward the end of the series. No spoilers, but it's awesome.

And my new favorite thing is moving the ducks out of their pen and letting them free range around the yard committing a thousand little slug genocides everyday. They're fucking hilarious with their running around and quacking.

Next spring I'm going to try and talk my wife into indian runner ducks instead of khaki campbells for the shear lulz. I mean, my god, they're ducks that stand like penguins!
posted by stet 06 November | 11:19
These egg poaching thingies. Just used 'em this morning, and they make the best damned poached eggs, without the hassle of my gran's aluminum thingy that always slides off the rim of the pot causing a stream of cursing and wasted eggs, and so much easier than the straight-into-simmering-water method.

stet--ducks! If I were staying on the island, I'd seriously consider getting ducks.
posted by elizard 06 November | 12:37
Fallout 3, and's virtual synthesizers.
posted by hellojed 06 November | 13:01
the AWESOME new boots I picked up on sale last Saturday. Tall, black equestrian/military style, mid heel, with a vertical leather strap & buckle detail on the shaft. Can't find a link to a similar style anywhere but they are oh-so-pretty-and-comfortable, and also eminently suitable for stamping upon the necks of my minions.
posted by lonefrontranger 06 November | 13:01
My new favorite thing (not so new, and something I don't actually own) is either the Nikon D700 or D3. I want them so very badly, but sadly not in the budget for this year, possibly the end of next year, if the Lord is willing and the crick don't rise.
posted by King of Prontopia 06 November | 16:51
1. Becoming a slave to the NY Times coverage of this election.

2. Grinning like a mad fool all the time, or alternately, crying like a sap.

3. Reading up on the machinations, the selections, and the reasoning behind President Barack Obama's cabinet.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 06 November | 18:14
mullacc - Veronica Mars is all kinds of awesome.

I haven't seen the 3rd series yet - I'm saving it up for a rainy day...
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 18:26
I think I pretty much hate everything. Pooches, friends, and cats don't count as things. Everything else is disappointing right now.
posted by eekacat 06 November | 22:12
Colorado, cold weather, and an absence of humidity.
posted by buzzman 09 November | 00:15
While preparing dinner tonight || Brownies so good they’ll make your friends puke.