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04 November 2008

i skeerd [More:]

hold me
is it time for another couch fort? I got some great looking chocolate this morning...
posted by Stewriffic 04 November | 16:39
*holds lonefrontranger tightly, brandishes a sword to keep evil at bay*
posted by redvixen 04 November | 16:45
I'll be making a fort when I get home. I hate the FACT THAT IT IS ALREADY DARK OUTSIDE. I HAVEN'T LEFT WORK YET. OR VOTED.
posted by sperose 04 November | 16:48
*climbs into couch fort with Stewriffic, hides behind redvixen...*
posted by lonefrontranger 04 November | 16:56
*Tries to hold you in a way that would not piss off you bf. . .*

I'm terrified also. . .
posted by danf 04 November | 16:59
*holds lonefrontranger*
*whispers creepily* "Don't worry. They won't be able to hurt us... any more."
posted by seanyboy 04 November | 16:59
I'm not skeerd, I'm as happy as I can be. I had a good breakfast this morning, and am working on my house project. I'm downright happy! I'm about to go to Home despot for some crap for my project. I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Too many morons there that are unthinking republicans (you know the kind that vote for anyone with an R after their name on the ballot without any consideration). My email box is already full of shit from them, I imagine there will be more in the future. I guess HR will get used to seeing me.

Be brave lfr. Go out and ride your bike and kick some damn ass!
posted by eekacat 04 November | 17:15
I am hopeful but pessimistic, recalling 2000 elections...
posted by eatdonuts 04 November | 17:19
≡ Click to see image ≡
Not really but i'll lie for laugh.
There is rifle fire but i am not afraid.
posted by ethylene 04 November | 17:26
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by eekacat 04 November | 18:00
Apples poop?
posted by Specklet 04 November | 18:16
[update] this isn't quite as much about the election per se (I voted days and days ago, can't do much about that now), as it is about the general sense of dread and anticipation I've had in regards to divers work and life-related things.

I really just want to go home and hide under the bed. Or in Stew's awesome fort with gourmet chocolate. But I won't. Instead I will go eat, drink and be merry with my fellow Denverites at an election returns party.

posted by lonefrontranger 04 November | 18:18
Yeah Specklet, I didn't get that either. Maybe there's a worm in the apple?
posted by eekacat 04 November | 18:50
Now i have some presidential gas, or possibly merely lower electoral discomfort.
posted by ethylene 04 November | 19:33
Does it seem like a squeaker, ethylene?
posted by eekacat 04 November | 19:51
i took simethicone and moved onto booze.
posted by ethylene 04 November | 20:00
Jethro Q. Walrus Titty FTW! || Obama or McCain.