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02 November 2008

Three point status update - sunday edition I have been canvassing all day in Methil; there was a traveller's camp with really pretty red chickens and fluffed-up duckies![More:] There was also a very nice springer spaniel.

I am really semi-burned-out and need a holiday. In my burned out state I was kind of grumpy today!

The fellow who stupidly Did Not Hire Me was out at campaign HQ and I rounded on him and pointedly asked him to buy a ticket to my branch fundraiser, smiling a BIG CARNIVOROUS SMILE.

I really should blog on MOB, but i have nothing tight-arsed and fake enough to post!
1. Mildly sozzled. May have to stumble out for cigarettes soon.
2. Having a very good p2p day
3. Braciole is tasty
posted by jonmc 02 November | 16:46
1. New Westfield shopping centre is big, white and shiny.
2. "Quantum of Solace" is OK but not brilliant.
3. "Byzantium" exhibition has some nice stuff, especially the micromosaics.
posted by TheophileEscargot 02 November | 17:00
1// Made a List of things to do today, crossing them on slowly.

2// Still wearing my PJs, but that is partly due to one of the things on the List is Laundry, and everything is dirty.

3// Everything outside is still covered in a thick layer of frost, despite it being after 1pm. Don't really want to go grocery shopping, but it's on the List and I'd like to eat through the rest of the week.
posted by rhapsodie 02 November | 17:04
1. Did visibility for That One today - supporters occupied all four corners of our intersection. Much fun was had. Many horns were honked.

2. Discovered that Garrison Keillor may be my favorite living American author, based on his book Homegrown Democrat.

3. Discovered I also enjoy the paintings of Carl Larsson.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 02 November | 17:04
1. Working on my NaNoWriMo novel, the first day was pretty easy, but it's actually a bit harder now, since I'm just improvising the whole thing.

2. I can't get any work done, I'm being really lazy

3. I turned 21 today.
posted by hellojed 02 November | 17:05
1. Bought the baby a snow suit. Super cuteness will abound this winter.

2. actually remembered to put my clock back, for the first time in years

3. Ravens are 5-3. This is already more wins than I had predicted for them.
posted by gaspode 02 November | 17:06
Happy fucking birthday, jed!
posted by By the Grace of God 02 November | 17:07
3. I turned 21 today.

why are you here, instead of in some bar getting righteously schnockered?

(also, I just got back from my cigarette run. I grabbed a roll of Sweettarts from the candy rack, then I noticed that someone had apparently broke off a segment, re-wrapped it and put it back in the box. I showed this to the East Indian clerk and tried to explain and he just kept saying 'you want buy this?' until I gave up.)
posted by jonmc 02 November | 17:09
so, are you eating the poisoned sweettarts?
posted by By the Grace of God 02 November | 17:10
No. Even I have some standards.

(More sweettarts, Rev. Jim!)
posted by jonmc 02 November | 17:12
1. I haven't done any of the schoolwork I need to do. And I've got zero motivation to even begin to bother with it.

2. I wonder if I can find 7 other people to dress up with for the Twilight midnight showing. Probably not.

3. I want to go to bed, but I know that I can't for another few hours otherwise I'll wake up at some ridiculous hour like 5 and then be super crankpants because I won't be able to get back to sleep before the alarm goes off at 730.
posted by sperose 02 November | 17:26
Happy birthday, jed!
posted by gaspode 02 November | 17:26
1. Surprised jon isn't watching Springsteen live on CNN.
2. Prouder of the things i didn't do today.
3. Happy birthday hellojed.
posted by ethylene 02 November | 17:37
why are you here, instead of in some bar getting righteously schnockered?

I'd tell ya, but it would sound really pathetic.
posted by hellojed 02 November | 17:51
Just find a random bar and walk into it, my friend. For tradition if nothing else. When I turned 21, I had to borrow five bucks from a buddy, but I was damned if I was going to spend that day sober.
posted by jonmc 02 November | 18:01
1. Went out for coffee, came back with a new dress. :( Bad.
2. Was supposed to go to the theatre to see Caesar and Cleopatra, but because of filming for television, there were no more seats. I'll have to see it Tuesday. :/ Okay.
3. Wasted the day and did no work. But it was not really wasted as I had planned to go to the theatre anyway. And there is still time in the day. :) Good, I guess.
posted by typewriter 02 November | 18:05
Jon, it's Sunday.
That said, i did drag a cop into a bar with my driver's record on my 21st because i didn't stand in line at the DMV for nothing, except i did.
posted by ethylene 02 November | 18:09
Bars are open on sunday in the civilized world.
posted by jonmc 02 November | 18:29
1. Canvasing all day both Saturday and Sunday.
2. Sleeping.
3. Complaining that my ankles hurt from walking up and down the goat paths that we call streets here in Pittsburgh.
posted by octothorpe 02 November | 18:31
1. Graded papers and wrote a test for tomorrow. Blah. But at least it'll keep the little monsters, I mean angels, busy.

2. I was too zausted to visit d'ma this weekend, but we talked a long time on the phone. I have the sweetest ma. I'll see her soon.

3. My throat's a bit sore. If I get another cold already, I'm gonna cry.

(Bonus 4: I keep hearing a western theme of some sort coming from Jon's office... He may walk in with spurs and a 10-gallon hat any second.)
posted by Pips 02 November | 18:38
If the world were civilized i wouldn't need the booze.
posted by ethylene 02 November | 18:43
Happy birthday Jed!
posted by Schyler523 02 November | 19:11
1. Cleared the yard from Halloween decorations; rearranged lawn furniture and such for winter; covered the central air conditioner.

2. Did laundry, cleaned our bathroom (I refuse to touch the childrens' bathroom), rearranged my closet.

3. Started jed his own thread!!
posted by redvixen 02 November | 19:19
1. Don't want to face my boss tomorrow after she basically called me incompetent on Friday, causing me to cry in the bathroom. I am 33 and everyone else agrees I am not incompetent, so crying in the bathroom was embarrassing, even though no one else knew. Also cried on the phone with the bf telling him the story after I got home. Why am I such a big baby?

2. It's in the high 80's here still, meaning I have to keep the A/C on. Why isn't it cooler? It's freaking November!!! I hate the desert. Ask me again in January and I will be loving it here, though.

3. I need to increase my real-life social circle. I spend too much weekend time online.
posted by Twiggy 02 November | 19:21
octothorpe - the streetview thing is really cool!

twiggy - You cried because you had to. That was your release. Some people's release mechanism are different than others. Don't feel bad about it. Yes, people may judge you on it, but certainly you don't need to beat yourself over it.
posted by typewriter 02 November | 19:33
1. The weather has been rainy and yucky all day. Practiced piano with the kids. Went shopping with my mom. I bought four silk placemats. Why spot-clean only silk? Because I'm living in a fantasy world.

2. My sister was over for a visit yesterday. While I cleaned and organized, she read How To Be An Adult aloud. We kept saying, "yes", "wow", "ooh, reread that paragraph", "I'm guilty of that", and "I don't do that."

3. I have been eating copious amounts of Halloween candy. I desperately rifle my kids' stash for Paydays and Butterfingers. It's a problem.

3a. I would very much like to buy this audio book for entertainment and curiosity purposes only. I'm pretty sure I could not tolerate the narrator's voice for any length of time.
posted by LoriFLA 02 November | 19:46
It's okay Twiggy, I cry all the time. *whuffles*
posted by sperose 02 November | 19:53
1. Made pot of lentil soup and bread machine bread. House smelled good all day.

2. Did visibility on a sunny afternoon. A good crowd, lots of support.

3. Giving cat food, water and drugs by syringe. She is not pleased and not feeling strong. She needs to hang on until Wednesday when she gets the Bad Tooth out...but I'm worried she's so fragile and hope she can make it.
posted by Miko 02 November | 20:44
1. Antsy due to being home sick all week.

2. Bf has also been home sick all week - I think this is the first time we've been home sick together (we're always sick together, sad really) and not had a major fight - yay!

3. New Westfield shopping centre is big, white and shiny.

It's finished? I'll have to check it out. I've had two huge disconcerting 'wtf am I in London or Australia?' moments since I've been in London - one was seeing V8 supercars on the TV and the other was driving down Wood Lane and seeing a bloody Westfield sign. If it has Sportsgirl and Portmans instead of Topshop and Next the world will implode.
posted by goo 02 November | 22:07
goo: UK brands I'm afraid, definitely has a Next.

It's mostly open. There are a few stores not done, and annoyingly the cinema doesn't open till Autumn 2009.
posted by TheophileEscargot 03 November | 01:23
went to a screening of American Gigolo; two yentas were whining and walked out--uh, couldn't you tell by the title?

something went down the wrong way almost two weeks ago and I'm still coughing

The owners meeting is going to be in the vulture's penthouse, but I'm going to be out of town.
posted by brujita 03 November | 01:39
Theophile Escargot: I'm glad, the space-time ccontinuum is safe for now!

Hanging in the Westfield. They're ubiquitous in the Australian burbs.
posted by goo 03 November | 19:32
Happy birthday, rainbaby! || OMG Voting freakout!