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02 November 2008

Happy Birthday, hellojed!!!!! [More:]You're legal!!! To drink, anyway. Happy first birthday on MetaChat!
Yeah, happy b-day you Microserfs reading bastard. If you were hre I'd take you to my bar and buy you some boilermakers.
posted by jonmc 02 November | 19:20
happy happy!
posted by typewriter 02 November | 19:21
When I turned 21, my good friend (who had turned 21 some eight months earlier) brought me to her favorite bar at midnight. She ran ahead of me, yelling to the bouncer "Card her!! Card her!!" So he did.

then he got my phone number, and we dated for over a year. Ah, youth.
posted by redvixen 02 November | 19:34
Happy birthday, hellojed!
posted by LoriFLA 02 November | 19:47
Woo birthday drinks!
posted by sperose 02 November | 19:54
awww, you guys are the best.
posted by hellojed 02 November | 19:56
≡ Click to see image ≡

posted by -t 02 November | 20:00
Wheeeee legality!

*shouts a round of drinks*
posted by gomichild 02 November | 20:59
d'oh, -t, that link is giving me a 404 error!
posted by hellojed 02 November | 21:08
≡ Click to see image ≡

Freaky, I'll try it without the ! in the file name.
posted by -t 02 November | 21:14
Happy HAPPY Birthday!
posted by Stewriffic 02 November | 21:17
hehe, that's awesome -t!
posted by hellojed 02 November | 21:33
Happy birthday hellojed! Have one for your homies.
posted by goo 02 November | 21:41
Happy birthday!! Woowoo!
posted by Sil 02 November | 22:18
Happy Birthday!
posted by arse_hat 02 November | 23:50
Happy 21st, hellojed!
My 21st was on a Sunday, too, but a good friend of mine sneaked me into a gay bar that was notoriously lax on carding that Saturday (we'd been going there for a while, really fun place with lots of dancing). I happily presented my ID at midnight:01 and the bartender gave me a free drink.

I got taken home in the hatchback of an RX-7 and still remember the hangover.
posted by lilywing13 03 November | 01:17
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 03 November | 01:28
Happy belated!
posted by brujita 03 November | 01:30
Oh, Birthday Happy wishes to you!

And, since you've never had a drink before your legal age (ahem) and it seems you probably didn't have one on your actual B-day, here's where I post warnings on how to not get drunk (in lieu of actual presents):

1. Don't drink out of a shoe, it ruins the shoe and the drink ends up TASTING QUITE FUNKY.

2. Don't drink and drive like my crazy old granddad used to - his beverage of choice was white lightnin' out of a canning jar kept out in the tool shed.
posted by mightshould 03 November | 10:58
Well done, Sister Suffragate! || I feel sewy.