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31 October 2008

"Oh!" I thought to myself, "I think I'll treat myself this morning..." With soothing Carla Bruni in my head, I figured I'd treat myself to a nice Friday decaf latte by (INSERT BIG COFFEE COMPANY NAME HERE). [More:]

I hardly ever treat myself to anything and after a 10 minute wait in a crushing crowd, I finally get handed my drink with my name on it and rushed with hell at my heels to get to my desk...

Ahh, finally in my office, door closed, ready to do the grind, shoes kicked off and... WTF IS THIS? WHY IS MY GOD DAMN LATTE NOT A LATTE BUT SOME BRIGHT ORANGE PSEUDO-PUMPKIN CANDLE-LIKE TASTING ATROCITY? Do people actually like this stuff? My stomach is upset and my craps are going to be orange and like nutmeg (and I don't like nutmeg) for a week! Not to mention this is definitely not decaf... AAAARRRGGGG!

So um, how's your day going?

im still in bed under the covers. day hasn't started yet.
posted by special-k 31 October | 10:16
also see
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posted by special-k 31 October | 10:20
The dog barfed on our off-white bedroom rug in the middle of the night. . .I woke up, the light was on, and wife was cleaning it up.

Of course I got up and help. .some foul brown stuff that did not come out very well.

But then we got back into bed, cuddled, and laughed about it. Then in an hour I got up and went and played volleyball and it was doubles this morning (only 4 showed up) so very strenuous and fun. Plus, free, very good (organic) coffee at my gym, before 7am!

Got a very nice email from a bunny this morning that I did not expect.

Now I am sitting at my desk looking out at the rain.
posted by danf 31 October | 10:22
I've been to three stores and I'm about to run out to volunteer for a few hours. I wish I weren't because I have a million strips of tea dyed sheets and white thread covering my floors. I will be cleaning like a wild woman when I get home so we can open the door for trick or treaters. Also, I got it into my head that I want to make goodie bags (4 or 5 candy bars per cute little paper halloween bag) for the trick or treaters, so I will have to make those. I think I'm delusional.
posted by LoriFLA 31 October | 10:24
My day is going well. Today is the end of our bonus period, and I am working from home. My manager emailed me to say that we could down tools at noon.

So, what to do with the afternoon? It's a beautiful day in Essex today, cold and bright and sunny, no breeze. I didn't need to buy anything today, having done a 'big shop' on Wednesday, so I decided to take my camera for a walk in the forest. It's literally on my doorstep.

It was lovely, although a bit muddy in places. There were a few people about, and quite a lot on horseback, including a group from a local riding school, who were dressed up for Halloween. One girl was dressed as a devil, and another as a pumpkin.

But as I wandered further into the forest it grew very quiet and there was nobody else about. Suddenly it all felt a bit 'Blair Witch Project', and I was spooked by a flock of birds all taking off at once from a tree. So, as our clocks went back last weekend and I didn't have a watch on, I wasn't sure how much longer I'd have to get back before it started to get dark (I'd walked for an hour already). So I headed home and am about to have a late lunch/early dinner and quite probably a nap on the sofa.

All in all, a pretty good day so far. I'm not anticipating trick or treaters. When you live in a cul-de-sac on the edge of a forest and there are no kids living in the street, you tend not to get Halloween or carol singing visitors.

On preview: danf - if the rug is washable, run it through a cycle with a scoop of OxiClean. It's great on organic stains.
posted by essexjan 31 October | 10:30
The boss is out this morning, so I've been knocking around Second Life (it's awful, full of lag, I don't even know why I bothered)

My 21st birthday is coming up this Sunday...I don't know what I'll be doing, none of my friends are in town, reachable, or of drinking age. Prepare for suckage.
posted by hellojed 31 October | 10:37
Cold. Hungry. But it's only an hour and a half away from cocktail hour. Husband is home early from work. Bonus.
posted by Specklet 31 October | 10:39
I was totally prepared to argue off the cuff something in court, but in a rare abundance of caution the judge refused to hear it without written briefing, so now I am extra busy! Whoo-ha /sarcasm.

Mr. Blandings is away on this his birthday, everyone's favorite holiday and I will be gone all weekend, anyway, stumping for a presidential candidate.

Otherwise, good coffee & a fig & cheddar cheese sandwich on rosemary focaccia is making up for the surfjan stevens (sorry, I dislike that guy's music) on my radio.
posted by crush-onastick 31 October | 10:40
Oh, and appropos of very little. .

I had a dream in which I was fiddling with an electrical (breaker) panel. ( I do this all the time in rl, at home and work. . .)

and in this dream, there was this big button in the middle of the panel labeled MAKE IT RIGHT. Apparently, if that button is pushed, all is well with the circuits, and, possibly life. I wish that button actually existed.
posted by danf 31 October | 11:00
It is pouring rain here in Olympia this morning, and dark, and dank, and I would much rather have stayed in bed. But I have zero meetings on my calendar, and a nice big mug of chai in prospect, and I finally got access to the big master database so I can run all kinds of queries and pull all kinds of interesting data. (Data makes me happy!) I just wish I had remembered to bring in my headphones so I wouldn't have to listen to my coworkers across the hall talking politics (OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ELECTION TO BE OVER.)
posted by kat allison 31 October | 11:01
I was feeding a (new) neighbour's cats for a few days, and she just came over with some chocolates for me from Hotel Chocolat. Yay! Chocolate!

Thank goodness I read the labels on everything these days. They're luxury truffles containing real alcohol - rum, brandy, calvados, etc. Nooooo!!!!

So I've put them away in a drawer and they'll be recycled as a Christmas gift for someone.
posted by essexjan 31 October | 11:45
Eh, today is asinine, which is typical for recently. Rushed through some stuff at work this morning, where I increasingly don't want to be, then left early so I can bring my sick cat to the vet. Again. And they can clean out my wallet. Again. AFter that, to the store for some very basic necessities. Then back here to finish a costume for tonight, then out again to help someone else get costume pieces, then back again to meet friend, then out to parade. I'm so tired of just getting through days, and so tired of running out of funds. And I don't know if the cat is going to get better. Or if life is going to get any better. It's just check, check, check, check down the list, and then go to bed, lately.
posted by Miko 31 October | 12:36
Now I want one of those pumpkin candle drinks. which I really, honestly do love (but I get mine with soy)
posted by kellydamnit 31 October | 14:05
I thought I liked pumpkin-flavored anything, but I don't seem to like it in beverage form. That *$ pumpkin latte mostly just weirds me out. And I've had at least a half-dozen pumpkin beers, and none of them really move me either.
posted by box 31 October | 14:09
I would give 10 pumpkins spice lattes for a single peppermint mocha latte.
posted by Miko 31 October | 14:34
I've been farting nugmeg all day. Fun for the whole office!
posted by eatdonuts 31 October | 14:35
Why the hell would anyone have 10 pumpkin spice lattes?
posted by Wolfdog 31 October | 14:41
Nine times, I said to myself 'Hmm--I must've just gotten a bad one.'
posted by box 31 October | 14:45
posted by Wolfdog 31 October | 14:53
I will say this, though. The sprinkling of spices that are not water soluable on drinks MUST END. I'm sick of getting a small wet pile of nutmeg in my mouth and then trying to get it off my teeth.
posted by kellydamnit 31 October | 15:00
...there was this big button in the middle of the panel labeled MAKE IT RIGHT. Apparently, if that button is pushed, all is well with the circuits, and, possibly life. I wish that button actually existed.

damn, dude. that makes two of us.
posted by lonefrontranger 31 October | 16:18
Honestly, pretty much sucks but at least everyone i had to deal with had a good time and got some kind of gift out of it.
posted by ethylene 31 October | 17:15
And by gift i mean some got cashy cashy money.
Remember to tip your customer service with kudos to the boss.
posted by ethylene 31 October | 17:17
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