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29 October 2008

"There is no God." I've just seen the ad on CNN: isn't the voice at the end really really misleading, like it _really_ leads you to think it's Hagan's voice? Is that even permissible? I mean I understand the 1st Amendment, but can you dub all kinds of crap over an ad as if it's that person talking? I'm assuming it's OK if it's parody (say, Conan or Leno) but a political ad? It's interesting I guess.
You know, even the toughest ads are usually either quoting stuff out of context of misrepresenting stuff. But dubbing some inflammatory quote? It seems to me to open a different can of worms.
posted by matteo 29 October | 17:43
(please correct me if I'm wrong obviously)
posted by matteo 29 October | 17:43
Isn't NC the state in which Bush got away with asserting that McCain fathered the black child and covered it up?

This seems tame, comparatively.
posted by danf 29 October | 17:50
Yeah but that was push polling not an actual TV ad. If I'm not mistaken.
posted by matteo 29 October | 17:54
The atheist community (as much as there is one :) is quite up in arms about the whole "Godless heathen Hagan" thing. Mostly because Hagan not an atheist, yet is a sensible woman who believes in freedom from religious (or non-religous) persecution.
posted by muddgirl 29 October | 17:59
I believe Sen. Dole is the candidate who made some terrible comments about atheism, which spurred massive donations to Hagan's campaign, which then prompted this ad.
posted by muddgirl 29 October | 18:01
Elizabeth Dole is the woman who started her political career by having an affair with Bob Dole and marrying him when his first wife left him. The very definition of a "politcal whore".

Hagan should just do a sit-there-and-look-in-the-camera 30 seconds in favor of Freedom of Religion and asking which parts of America's religious mix Dole will want to disinfranchise next... I'd approve of that message, and I am a thoroughly Godless American, although I prefer to think of it as "God-Free".
posted by wendell 29 October | 18:40
I met Elizabeth Dole once. Her hands were soft and she smells nice. I wonder if she would have been so nice to me had she known I was-dunh dunh dunh--GODLESS!

(Her security dude was a total dick, though. He sat right on my notebook! A normal person would have picked it up and handed it to me or said, "Can I move this?" No. He sat right on it and all my notes from that conference had an ass-shaped indentation.)
posted by jrossi4r 29 October | 19:17
Senator Dole insists on sending me snail mail in response to my emails about issues. I love Kay Hagan as though she were my own child. I don't really watch TV, so I've been blissfully untouched by evils like that commercial. Yikes.
posted by Stewriffic 29 October | 19:28
I read on HuffPo that Hagan has since filed a cease and desist over the ad, so I'm thinking legally it's pretty iffy footing. I don't think her lawyer would file over it unless they thought it was a strong case.
posted by kellydamnit 29 October | 22:42
thanks everybody, esp kelly!
posted by matteo 29 October | 23:25
"He sat right on my notebook!"

I thought you were talking about your computer. That would have been real cold.
posted by arse_hat 29 October | 23:41
I find this very sad. || What happened to bunnyfire's thread?