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29 October 2008

Well, my costume has been decided.... I'll be dressed as an anxious mom.
Older Boy slammed his finger in the car door a week ago. Two days later it was still pretty swollen, so off to the doc. Two sets of x-rays and three doctor visits later, he's got to have surgery to clean out the finger and repair the nail bed.

So how's your week going?
Heh, I was coming in to say, wow, that sounds like a really clever costume :-D Hope boy isn't in too much pain.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 October | 09:11
Ouch. Poor thing.

My week is going well. I am procrastinating at the moment. I just got home and I'm supposed to be finishing a mummy costume. I've already sewn two (all three of the boys, my kids and nephew, are going as mummies). They are very easy but take FOREVER.
posted by LoriFLA 29 October | 09:24
Oh noes! Poor little guy. Ouchies.

*wraps baby up in bubble wrap*
posted by gomichild 29 October | 14:46
Oh, poor kid!! And poor mom! Sometimes I think mom is way more anxious than the child involved. When my youngest needed stitches in his forehead, I could handle it until they started to strap him down (he was only two), then I left him under the watch of his dad, took my older son, and fled. I just couldn't handle it. Anyone else, I don't have a problem. But with my own kids, I get all kinds of nervous.

Sorry, that's probably not helpful in anyway, but I really understand how you feel.
posted by redvixen 29 October | 16:55
Thanks guys. He's not in pain now, thanks to the antibiotics. He can make a fist and manipulate things with his hand, but the tip is very swollen so it's hard for him to really use it. He listened to a description of the procedure and said "but that would hurt, mama!"

And moms are definitely more nervous than the kids. Kids don't know what could go wrong. Moms (and dads) do.

I've been there for the grossest procedures on my cats. But my kids? Oh, I get dizzy.
posted by lysdexic 29 October | 16:59
I woke up this morning || This vid's got it all