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29 October 2008

this is a good-karma & whuffles thread [More:]

first things first: *whuffles* to any and all who sincerely need or desire them. It's been a crazy week and we ain't even hit Hump Day yet.

second things: I also sincerely wish good job karma to all our bunny job-hunter brethren and sistren. I know about mudpuppie and Specklet, and I think essexjan and jason's_planet are also on the prowl for new wage-earning opps. Anyone else who's actively searching is included in this.

my sitch at BigPharmaCo continues on same as ever... going on 16 months at a "six-week temp job", actually. No end in sight, but no real offers on the table either. AwesomeBoss is still awesome, Annoying Chemist Guy is still annoying, and although no four year old ever daydreams about being a contracts jockey, it's also turned out to be surprisingly entertaining work, so there is that.

At some indeterminate point they will post the position I'm working in for reals, at which juncture I'll throw my hat in the ring and see if it floats or whatevs. Of course, they've also offered to shut me back into a conference room with ACG and his minions, doing quality audit stuff again. Which isn't as bad as it sounds, since ACG has his failings but he does tell good stories, and facilitating quality review is a good resume-stuffer for yrs trly.
Sunshiney, rainbow-filled, unicorn-cavorting, annoyingly-optimistic best wishes to everyone!

Seriously. I do try to send out good vibes to friends, whether I've met you yet or not, on a fairly regular basis. Whuffles and such are beaming your way.
posted by occhiblu 29 October | 00:04
Thanks for the job juju. 'Ppreciated.
posted by mudpuppie 29 October | 00:06
::pockets whuffles and such:: Thank you!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 October | 00:06
Anyone else who's actively searching is included in this.

Count me in lonefrontranger.

And wuffles to everyone around.
posted by special-k 29 October | 00:10
Thanks, adding my name to the job-hunters group. Also sending whuffles. We'll get there.
posted by Sil 29 October | 01:15
I'm looking for jobs too (interview in Houston next week! plzplzplz let me not mess up)

whuffles all around! good luck to everyone!
posted by casarkos 29 October | 01:26
Thanks. I'm holding fire for the moment, because of the uncertainty of the market. I'm in a sector where there is no shortage of work, so there might, just might, be an opportunity for advancement here. It's a very long shot, but one that's worth considering for the time being.

My worry in getting a new job that I'd move away from this company, with my 8 years of job security, into a new company which would have a sudden hit because of the markets and decide to downsize. Then I'd be in a mess.
posted by essexjan 29 October | 02:45
The Polish version of whuffles also can take the form of toasts over some hearty flagons of ale during elevenses.

Na zdrowia! - To your health! To everyone's health. Health is good.

Sto lat! - A hundred years! A hundred years of Metachat!

posted by mdonley 29 October | 03:07
*cuddles with the wuffles*
posted by sperose 29 October | 08:48
I have a few spare whuffles I can toss in. I have an awesome job, for which I wake up every morning grateful There is no way they would HIRE me today, but I created it, and they are happy with it, so I get to stay.
posted by danf 29 October | 10:07
I'm with occhi, I am sending y'all good vibes, even though I haven't met you in meatspace (except you, Stewriffic! Hi J!)). I genuinely wish you all well, and you get all of the spare whuffles I have.
posted by msali 29 October | 10:43
Hey, thanks for the good karma, lfr!

Good luck with your own job search!

posted by jason's_planet 29 October | 11:09
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