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28 October 2008

Overheard on NPR this afternoon: "Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Barack could run. Barack ran so our children could fly."
I heard that too and immediately looked it up! What a great saying.

Apparently Beyonce has it on a shirt...I haven't had time to look for the shirt yet.
posted by Miko 28 October | 20:06
It's already a meme on twitter.
posted by ColdChef 28 October | 20:08
i'm not as worried as i was, but i'd like a nice safe landslide, please. i scribbled down a voter fraud hotline of some sort earlier.
posted by ethylene 28 October | 20:09
That's beautiful.
posted by typewriter 28 October | 20:11
Barack's gonna give our kids the jetpacks!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 October | 20:14
Barack's gonna give our kids the jetpacks!

Screw the kids, I want MY jetpack!
posted by scody 28 October | 20:15
Screw your jetpacks, I want transporters!
posted by WolfDaddy 28 October | 20:50
Screw your transporters, I want sex! (while on the subject of unlikely things...)
posted by GreenWithYou 28 October | 21:18
...over Iran. Launching tomahawks.

I'm sorry, but the schmaltz level of this election has just passed a point.
posted by pompomtom 28 October | 22:26
Fight! Fight! Fight!
i remain underexposed to the pros and wary of the cons.
posted by ethylene 28 October | 22:57
Chiming back in to say what a beautiful, potent sentiment this really is (about the Barack and the kids flying, I mean). I think I'm already so emotional that for a second I just had to put the snark hat on to keep the tears from flowing again.

I'm gonna be a mess next week
posted by scody 29 October | 00:03
I got teary in the car when I heard it. Powerful stuff.
posted by Luminous Phenomena 29 October | 00:04
I got all teary in the library earlier looking at this
posted by special-k 29 October | 00:07

I'm gonna be a mess next week

me too.
posted by special-k 29 October | 00:07
Talking of NPR, I listened to This American Life. Now I'm all worried about Pennsylvania. And the Bradley Effect.
posted by seanyboy 29 October | 03:44
... And our children will fly so they can rain Islamic Jihad down amongst us.
posted by seanyboy 29 October | 03:46
Yarrrrrr! Hope! || I am happy that I am the one to link this here