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25 October 2008

Thank you thank you thank you NYT for finally removing that annoying "feature" that gave you a dictionary definition of any word you double-clicked on. Now a little balloon pops up that you can click on instead.
Oh God I hated that thing. I have this annoying (?) habit of highlighting and re-highlighting blocks of text while I'm reading, and it always popped up the dictionary. The balloon is definitely an improvement, but I am more than capable of looking up any word I don't know kthx.
posted by rhapsodie 25 October | 18:11
I know right? Fucking moronic. I don't know why I double click words sometimes--to resume focus to scroll the page if some other window steals it?--but I do sometimes and WHAT THE FUCK NYT.

Actually the popup balloon made me realize that they're doing this as a revenue tie-up which I hadn't thought of before. It's just a way to make pay them money i think.
posted by Firas 25 October | 18:30
I don't get any balloon. I kind of liked the idea of the way it was, though I never actually used it.
posted by DarkForest 25 October | 20:01
I don't get either feature, but then I actually created a NYT login eons ago. So instead what I get is links to NYT "topic" keywords ....

My beef with them is that their NYT > US feed has been broken since September 19. I think that as much as it's hyped, My Times is not a great revenue generator for them, because multiple contacts with their tech support have failed to induce anyone to restart it. How hard is it to restart a feed that used to work perfectly?
posted by stilicho 25 October | 23:22
I too would highlight and double click sort of as a placeholder or something. It didn't do anything on Safari but when I'd use my work Windows system it would open up the search window for whatever word I'd absentmindedly highlight -- like 'the'. This new system is quite nice and works in both Mac and PC.
posted by birdherder 26 October | 00:41
heh. I do the highlight thing, too... sometimes for a reason (highlight where I am in the text, then scroll up to see the byline, or revisit a bit of earlier information), and very often for no particular reason at all. I'm sort of surprised to see that a lot of other people do this, too.

*High-fives rogue highlighters*
posted by taz 26 October | 03:23
It's working for me now. Kind of cool.
posted by DarkForest 27 October | 09:05
AUUUGH! External USB hard drive with EVERYTHING on it failed me! || I have a freckle in my eye...