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24 October 2008

When coming up to a 1-room public restroom with the door closed, do you knock or try the door?[More:]I just try the doorknob. If you didn't bother to lock it - not my problem. I hate it when I'm in there and someone knocks. It's already a vulnerable enough position to be in, and now I'm supposed to converse with a stranger? "Just finishing up in here, gimme 2 minutes to clean up, okay? Boy, what a mess! I apologize in advance." No thanks. Most of the time I just remain silent, and the person figures it out.
I'm with you on all counts.
posted by mudpuppie 24 October | 17:38
I agree. I usually give a little test jiggle at first, not a full-on attempt to open it. The test jiggle should signal to the person to speak up if the door is unlocked.
posted by muddgirl 24 October | 17:43
Yeah, I try the door--open slowly. Actually the "knock" respect is pretty low on my list--I might even ask "anyone in there?" before rapping on the thing.
posted by Firas 24 October | 17:52
knock reaction.
posted by Firas 24 October | 17:53
Another open door slowly person here.
posted by Specklet 24 October | 18:08
I usually just pee through the keyhole.
posted by jonmc 24 October | 18:56
I usually give a little test jiggle at first, not a full-on attempt to open it.

I do this, but then I worry that perhaps the restroom is unoccupied and it's just a sticky doorknob/door. So then I try again with more force and I worry I'm freaking out the person in there.
posted by mullacc 24 October | 18:57
If I'm in there, I appreciate when someone knocks. I just say "OCCUPIED" and they leave me alone. No need for a conversation. If they jiggle the handle it makes me worried that I forgot to lock it (or the lock doesn't work) and they're going to barge in.
posted by desjardins 24 October | 19:57
It's already a vulnerable enough position to be in, and now I'm supposed to converse with a stranger?

No, you're expected to yell "Oi!" or "Hey!" or make your presence known some other way, and that's that. Trying the handle without warning is pretty douchey in my book.
posted by cillit bang 24 October | 20:18
This is why you're supposed to sing or whistle while at commode.
posted by Eideteker 24 October | 20:19
I can honestly say that neither hearing someone knock or try a handle while I'm on the toilet is enough to make my day even the tiniest bit worse. Y'all worry too much.
posted by Space Coyote 24 October | 21:32
i have no problem yelling "Occupied. What you wanna come in anyway? Too bad, drunky."
i also knock, call and check with a jiggle, whatever, because if you have to get a key or a person, it'd be nice to not have a shy pisser on the other side.
Public bathroom, not private rest room, move along.
Hey, i'm "considerate" of the many reasons someone is taking up bathroom time, but maybe it's not the best place to call a "line up" in a busy place on a weekend?

It's like the tried and true club saying, "If you can't take a shit before a show, you've got bigger problems."
Still, not my problem.
Move it along.

i've had friends with such profound bladder shyness they have passed out rather tha peeing. Still, not an issue you want to work on Saturday night.
posted by ethylene 24 October | 23:31
OMG Bunny Public Restroom!!
posted by wendell 25 October | 00:31
Test and then leave it alone. I HATE when people knock after they realize they can't get in!
posted by brujita 25 October | 02:21
I knock first, listen, then try the door handle. Once I'm inside, if it's possible, I'll run the cold water so someone outside will hear noise. If someone knocks, I just yell "I'll be out in a minute."
posted by redvixen 25 October | 17:45
Oral medication + cat: = bad scene. || It's past meh o'clock