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24 October 2008

Get your a$$ in the shower [More:]Then you can go get your mediciney stuff. Then you can have a little lunch so you will feel like looking for a job on the computer. Your stupid new Progressive lenses may not be hurting your eyes by that time. Maybe you should just call the eye doctor about it after all. Then you can go to the Halloween store.

Your friends love you. You are allowed to call them. Maybe you can even get one of them to go to the store with you! OK, they're mostly at that dinner you decided not to go to...

I want to cry because it's not sunny again and my eyes hurt and I'll never get out of Pittsburgh and things could be worse but that's a depressing thought too...

and of course if you're not from Pittsburgh but sympathize with me about feeling stuck here I will punch you for your ignorance.

OK, maybe I won't. Other towns may suck compared to Pittsburgh but at least they have better jobs and sunshine.
:-( I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Chocolate?
posted by Stewriffic 24 October | 13:30
Dorito? I have some in my bag left from yesterday.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 October | 13:36
serena darlin', I really really understand where you're at. (I'm homesick, in rainy England, looking for ANY job I can land, have broken front tooth, etc.)

Do call about the glasses, that don't sound right...

But yeah, have some chocolate, Doritos, whuffles, whatever you want, and be sweet to yourself.
posted by Specklet 24 October | 13:58
i don't wanna trade pain but i'm willing to bet i can match Pittsburgh suck for suck for a few places, including here. It sucks for a lot of people right now, for a lot of reasons, so you're definitely not alone.
Today i am actively fighting the big sucking sound around me.
i am shaking off potential fear. i am making my neck unkink.
So take a break. One day at a time. Today's mine, i got it covered.

i have a glass of superfood juice. It's a stopgap measure until i get some decent food. My blood sugar drops and everything gets mighty cranky.
posted by ethylene 24 October | 13:59
I'm sorry that it's not working out for you here. Maybe I'm biased since I'm not really a big fan of sunshine but I love living in the 'burgh. The jobs thing is always the sticking point about living here though, it took my wife almost a year to find a job when she left school.
posted by octothorpe 24 October | 14:01
Life sucks at times....

OK, I'm going to put on some music that matches your mood. Really loud. And, then I'll send you a cup of hot chocolate and .... and toss you that super soft and comfy blanket to wrap up in.

hugs and wuffles going your way
posted by mightshould 24 October | 14:42
I'm sorry you're having a bad day, serena. Make yourself a cup of hot tea and be kind to yourself. Try that new-agey law of attraction stuff and tell yourself that you are fabulous and a job is around the corner. You don't need sunshine, you radiate sunshine!

I'm having a sucky day as well. I won't go in detail but it involves being greasy, braless and exasperated in mop water soaked yoga pants trying to catch a disobedient dog while kind and bewildered neighbors look on.
posted by LoriFLA 24 October | 15:02
I won't go in detail but it involves being greasy, braless and exasperated in mop water soaked yoga pants

Like all that is a bad thing. . .*smile*
posted by danf 24 October | 16:38
Sounds like we need to commiserate! You ever do IRC?
posted by Eideteker 24 October | 16:56
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