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24 October 2008

Bill Clinton's shutting down Main Street. They're shutting down Main Street in North Little Rock today because the Clinton formerly known as President is showing up for an Obama rally. Don't get me wrong, I'm always delighted to drive by and see the light on in his apartment over the library, I'm overjoyed when big names come here to Dogtown (we're like Little Rock, only without all the SUCK, yeah, that's right, box), and I'm proud to have shaken the man's hand, but that's going to really screw me up when I take my kid home from daycare. Therefore I suggest someone buy me a drink.
Maybe Clinton will see your post and buy you a drink? It's the least he can do. And, a juice box for your child too!
posted by mightshould 24 October | 12:13
i bet he has a cooler detail amongst the men in black.
"Be prepared and have someone pack you a lunch contingency plan."
posted by ethylene 24 October | 12:19
Oh noes you'll never be able to sneak that handsome Jack past a politician!

Take a hip flask and disinfectant wipes with you.
posted by gomichild 24 October | 15:38
They had quite the street party downtown, I hear. Good place to do it too, because that used to be one high-crime slummy area, until the homeowners there got sick of it, formed a non-profit, and started buying up the slumlord rent houses. Now it's a thriving little neighborhood, new stuff coming in all the time. Even got its own minor-league ballpark now.
posted by middleclasstool 24 October | 20:14
Ooh, they closed down Main Street? Watch your back, East St. Louis! Seriously, though, I think Park Hill does gentrification better than Stift Station and Capitol Hill put together. The NLR side of the River Trail is nicer, too. But the weird sibling rivalry between the two cities is even uglier than that script 'North' on the Travs' caps.

Also, man, I want to party with Clinton. But not in downtown North Little Rock. I'm thinking a party like that one at Greg Norman's place, when Clinton got blitzed and fell down the stairs.
posted by box 24 October | 20:29
middleclasstool, this is what you're talking about? I want to do that here.
posted by stilicho 25 October | 01:23
EEEEEKKKKK!!!! || Happy birthday sisterhavana!