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23 October 2008

He's coming. McCain. ON Tuesday. I now have to stand in line today for tix instead of going to my spin class. ARG.
take pictures! especially of you and your cute new hairdo.
posted by By the Grace of God 23 October | 10:26
Right now, I'm in the same town McCain was in this morning. Some of the patients were complaining about the motorcade and traffic.
posted by LoriFLA 23 October | 10:29
You could try stubhub.
posted by drezdn 23 October | 10:37
Oregon is pretty much decided. .there are a lot of local and state-wide commercials, but only a few Obama commercials, no McCain ones, and no appearences since the primaries. . .

4 years ago, Cheney came to town for an invitation-only rally in an airplane hanger. . people got arrested for showing up univited. . .
posted by danf 23 October | 10:49
Nobody ever comes to NYC - nobody cares about us :-( Ok, they do come for the big fundraisers for the richie-rich, but alas, I'm not there.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 October | 10:57
Everyone's been near here in Western PA lately except for Obama. McCain was here this week and Hillary's here tomorrow. Michelle gave a speech, which I missed, last week and even had a fundraiser two blocks from my house. Biden was in the next county a couple of weeks ago and Palin had a fundraiser at the William Penn last week.
posted by octothorpe 23 October | 11:22
Hey, my elementary school mascot was a beaver! We even had a fight song, written by the music teacher:

We salute the mighty beaver
Thank you, O.H. Stowe (name of school)
Pride and honor, we give to you
We will reach our goal
posted by Atom Eyes 23 October | 12:09
I agree, take a lot of pictures!
posted by CitrusFreak12 23 October | 13:25
Hey, I didn't have to stand in line. (It's who you know, or in my case, who you are married to.) I did stay and make phone calls-we were doing phone surveys. I hate and detest calling folks, but today wasn't too bad. People were really nice.

Now, I need to find my gym clothes. And then come home tonight and finish laundry and pack for my retreat tomorrow. Ahhhh......
posted by bunnyfire 23 October | 15:49
It's the little things - 3 pt. small good stuff update! || Hoodies: zip-up or pullover? - - discuss