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21 October 2008

We made puppets! So, my roommate and I got bored a few months back...[More:]and we decided to make our own Muppet-style puppets.
After some extensive online research, we came to the conclusion that the investment in time and materials (foam rubber, contact cement, etc.) required for making actual Muppets was a bit much for beginners such as we. In the end, we simply went to the Hobby Lobby and bought a buttload of felt, yarn, cotton batting, and sewing material.
  • For the heads, we purchased two Nerf-like sponge balls, which we bisected and then covered over with felt "skin".
  • For the eyes, two pairs of wooden half-spheres, which we painted and glued onto the faces.
  • For each body, we cut out two gourd-shaped pieces from the felt, sewed them together and then stuffed with batting.
  • For each limb, a wide strip of felt rolled and sewed into a cylinder shape, then stuffed with pipe cleaners and batting.
  • Various facial features were made from felt and glued onto the face, the glasses were cut from black poster board, the hair was, of course, yarn, and the dress was cut and hand-sewn (by my roommate) from a floral print piece of fabric.
It took longer than anticipated, but I think in the end they came out pretty good.
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His is an art chick:
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Mine's a hipster:
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And this is what they looked like several weeks ago:
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posted by Atom Eyes 21 October | 11:24
Wow. Those look great! Oh, Muppet Show, how I miss thee.
posted by elizard 21 October | 11:42
Oh this is completely awesome.
posted by sperose 21 October | 11:59
Those are great!
posted by divka 21 October | 12:00
They RULE! Can you put your hands in them and use them as puppets? Do they talk to each other? Talk to you guys? What do they like to talk about? What are their names? Atom Eyes, you're cool. Your roommate too.
posted by rainbaby 21 October | 12:04
Wow. Those are fabulous.
posted by essexjan 21 October | 12:14
Those are really cool!
posted by Miko 21 October | 13:01
Thanks, y'all!

rainbaby: Yeah, we made slits in the back of each head half to accommodate fingers (upper half) and thumb (lower half). I don't have any good shots of them talking, but you can kind of see how they work in this pic:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Atom Eyes 21 October | 13:09
How fun these are - you can have alt-conversations with each other through your alt-puppets. Could lead to much hilarity.
posted by mightshould 21 October | 15:53
I don't have any good shots of them talking

posted by lonefrontranger 21 October | 17:58
Yes! YouTube!
(Very very cute)
posted by Stewriffic 21 October | 19:44
What would you use to paint a mylar-like plastic surface? || When my Uncle Ron was in the army in 1942 ...